Which is Better For Long Lasting Nails: Gel or Acrylic?

If you have decided to give yourself a bit of a pamper and get your nails done then you may face a great dilemma: do I choose gel or acrylic? Of course, you want your nails to look beautiful, but you also want them to last. Both gel and acrylics will last significantly longer than traditional nail paint, but which is better?

Here we will guide you through everything you need to know about the longevity of both acrylic and gel nails to help you decide which is the right option for you.

What are gel nails?

Gel nails use a chip-free nail polish, making them much more durable than your typical nail varnish (the type that you probably already have in your home). It is applied in the same way but it set and hardened using UV light or LEDs. This gives both the polish and your nails extra strength.  Check out https://www.lovecandycoat.com for gel nail polish it’s not just nail polish, it’s the colours, the visual experience, the candy bar and the extras. Candy Coat is the ultimate millennial playground giving access to high-quality nail colours, striking nail care products, tools, and free complimentary candy.

What are acrylic nails?

Acrylic is a combination of a monomer and a polymer (a liquid and a powder in everyday speech). They are mixed together and spread over your natural nails using a brush. The combination of these two ingredients eventually hardens and creates a solid layer. Because it hardens you can attach a fake tip to add length to your nails.

How long do gel nails last?

Typically, gel nails will last anywhere in the region of 2-3 weeks. Even if they last beyond this they will have grown out so much that you will want to get them redone. If you use your hands a lot for work or manual hobbies then you may find that they last on a shorter timescale, around 2 weeks.

How long do acrylic nails last?

Just like gel nails acrylics last between 2-3 weeks. Here too the exact amount of time that your nail polish will last depends on what you do with your hands.

If you work in a field where you use your hands a lot, do manual labor, or even come into contact with cleaning products you will find that your acrylic nails do not last very long (or at least nearly as long as they should!)

Even activities that you normally wouldn’t consider as a risk to your beautiful nail polish, such as typing a lot of a keyboard can damage your acrylic nails.

Gel vs. acrylic

If you are looking for longevity in your nail polish then the very first thing you should do is consider your lifestyle. Do you use your hands a lot? How long can you have your nails (realistically and practically?)

If you may come into contact with harsh chemicals then gel will last longer for you. If you barely use your hands in your day-to-day life then acrylics (with their hard shell) may outlast gel.

There is no strict answer – it all depends on you. Alternatively, you can always combine the two to get the benefits of both. You can add a layer of gel on top of your acrylics for extra longevity and strenght.