What to Look for When Renting Champagne Tower Glasses

Champagne towers are an emblem of luxury, celebration, and timeless elegance. They’re a staple at grand events, from weddings to anniversary celebrations. But what does one need to know when renting, for example, Ivory Heart wedding champagne tower glasses? This article will provide a comprehensive guide to making the right choices for that perfect toast.

Understanding Champagne Tower Glasses

Before diving into the specifics of renting, it’s crucial to understand what makes these glasses unique. Champagne tower glasses, often called “coupe” or “saucer” glasses, have a wide, shallow bowl. This design is ideal for stacking in a pyramid or tower, allowing the bubbly liquid to cascade from the top glass to all the glasses below.

Material and Quality

Durability Matters:

Champagne tower glasses are typically made from crystal or glass. When considering rentals, ensure the glasses are of high quality and free from chips or cracks. The glasses should be sturdy enough to handle stacking without the risk of breaking.

Clarity is Key:

A good champagne glass should be clear, allowing the sparkling drink inside to shine. Check for any cloudiness or blemishes, as these can detract from the tower’s overall aesthetic.

Size and Shape


For a champagne tower to be effective, the glasses need to be of uniform size and shape. This uniformity ensures that they stack neatly and securely. Before confirming a rental, check that the provider can supply a consistent set of glasses.


While the tower’s primary purpose is visual appeal, guests will eventually drink from these glasses. Ensure they have the appropriate capacity, typically around 6 ounces, suitable for a serving of champagne.

Rental Terms and Conditions


When renting anything, it’s essential to be clear about the costs involved. Ask for a comprehensive breakdown of the rental fee, delivery charges, and any potential additional costs, like breakage fees.


Understand the rental period. How long can the glasses be kept? Are there charges for extended rental periods?

Delivery and Pickup:

Handling logistics can be daunting, especially for significant events. Clarify if the rental company will deliver and pick up the glasses. If they do, check if there are additional charges for this service.


After an event, cleaning up can be a significant task. Some rental companies offer cleaning services for their products. It’s worth inquiring if this service is available and, if so, whether it comes at an extra cost.

Insurance and Breakage

Accidents happen, especially in bustling events. It’s essential to understand the rental company’s policy on breakages.


Many companies will ask for a deposit to cover potential damages. Ensure clarity on this upfront and find out when and how the deposit will be returned.

Breakage Fees:

In the unfortunate event of broken glasses, know the costs involved. Some companies might charge per broken glass, while others might have a flat fee.

Additional Tips

Research Reviews:

Before settling on a rental company such as Ivory Heart for wedding champagne tower glasses, research reviews and feedback from previous clients. This research can give insight into the company’s reliability and the quality of its products.

Consider Quantity:

Always rent a few extra glasses. This foresight ensures there are backups in case of breakages or if there’s a need for more glasses than initially anticipated.

Display Space:

Remember, a champagne tower requires space. Ensure the event location has a sturdy table or surface to display the tower without any risk of toppling.

In conclusion, renting champagne tower glasses requires more than just choosing the prettiest options available. By considering the material, size, rental terms, potential breakages, and extra tips highlighted above, anyone can make an informed decision and ensure their celebration goes off without a hitch. Whether it’s for a wedding toast or ringing in the new year, the right champagne tower glasses will make the event all the more memorable.