What to Look for in Perfume Oil Dealers in Dubai

Perfume oils are becoming more in demand today because of its many benefits. Firstly, they’re longer lasting compared to the traditional perfumes that people are accustomed to using. The oil fragrances in these perfumes are more concentrated, thus the lingering smell. Secondly, they’re less irritating, doesn’t dry out easily, and even moisturizes the skin, which makes it suitable to use for all skin types. And lastly, they have less overwhelming scent. For those who are sensitive to strong aromas, this serves as the perfect solution.

If you’re in the cosmetics and personal care industry in Dubai, knowing these benefits are enough reasons to consider including this item in your product line. Finding a reliable partner to start your journey is the first step to joining the growing trend of perfume oils.

What should you be looking for in perfume oil dealers in Dubai? Here’s a helpful guide:

Marketing team and strategies

Their marketing team should have global knowledge of what consumer goods are fast moving. Knowing which products sell quickly will help you decide which products to stock. This will help your business run smoothly without finances getting stuck because of inventories that are unsold. They should know the latest fragrance trends to help decide which products to stock on and offer your clients.

Knowing how consumers behave is also important, and they should be able to provide that information to you on a regular basis. If you’re knowledgeable about consumer behavior, you’ll be able to create marketing strategies and campaigns that will benefit your business.


What kind of products should you be looking at? Only top-notch quality of course. If you offer high-quality fragrance oils to your clients, you will gain their trust. This is a building block to creating long-lasting relationships. If your clients trust you, you’ll be confident enough to offer them more than what they’re looking for. You’ll have the confidence to make changes in your business, such as increasing prices, without hearing complaints from them.

Your prospective dealer in Dubai should be able to provide you all the necessary information to prove that what they’re offering is only the best in the market.


Innovation is important in this kind of industry. You should always be up-to-date on the latest trends, and so partnering with a reputable company that has state-of-the-art facilities is important. Their facility is where their products are developed. It’s where they’re born. It can’t be something that passes off as okay or ordinary. It has to be one of the best in the industry.

How will they prove the efficacy of their products if they test it in a facility that’s not working 100 percent? How will they continue to create top-notch products if they don’t have suitable equipment. That’s how important it is for them and for you.

Experience and expertise

In any kind of business, experience is considered a major factor in choosing a reliable partner. Having enough experience means they’re capable of providing you all the necessary things you need in your business. It means they have enough knowledge to tell you the latest trends in your industry. They’re responsible enough to follow the rules and guidelines set for creating the products that you need.

One way to find out about their experience is to ask about the history of the company. Some provide this information on their website, or you can simply ask it from them during your interview or meeting.

Research and development

Not all businesses invest in creating a research and development department in their business, so if you’re prospective dealer has it, that’s a plus. Why is this important? R&D helps a business assess their existing processes and its efficiency as well as cost effectiveness. Knowing these will help them decide if they need to reduce costs or if they need to make improvements in their processes.

It also allows them to develop and produce new fragrances that will help them stay on top of their toes and compete in the industry.

Customer support service

If a company has bad customer service, no matter how internationally-known they are, they’re going to go down gradually. Bad customer service is one of the reasons why customers leave. It’s one of the reasons why companies lose sales.

If you are the customer, you won’t want to be treated badly. If you are a partner, you won’t want to be treated badly as well. So discovering this early on will help you land a dealer that won’t give you problems in the future.

How do you assess it? Answer these questions – are they always accessible, are they treating you fairly, are they courteous, are they able to provide every information you need, are your demands met, are they able to communicate clearly, are they patient, and are they able to empathize with you? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you’re making a good choice.