What Styles Can You Find in Comfy Work Shirts Available Online?

The traditional rules of a dress code for work no longer apply today. It’s good in some ways because you can wear what you please and still won’t encounter any raised eyebrows. To get a better idea of work shirts @DustNBoots, browse their website for exciting styles and ideas.

Although the constraints of the workplace style have shifted a bit, there’s still a semblance of formality you need to maintain for your job and appearance’s sake. However, it also depends on what type of office you go to and how your co-workers and bosses dress.

While techies are comfortable disappearing into their hoodies, others still prefer wearing jeans to work for comfort’s sake.

Wearing Jeans to Office is Not Improper

People today prefer to wear jeans and a T-shirt to the office. After all, you can trace the history of the blue jean to the 1870s, when Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis got their patent for placing the rivets in work pants.

The comfy shirts you wear to your workplace will go well with any jeans, even the ones with a wash on them. What’s more, it is not uncommon to wear a full button or half button work shirt with jeans.

There’s no shortage of colours, and the jacarandas, Oxford blues, and purples go well with dark blue jeans. The trick lies in wearing creative attire but with a hint of a professional look. In addition, wearing lace-up shoes and a discreet jacket should complete the picture.

Comfy Work Shirts Complementing Blazers

A casual and comfy work shirt can often be camouflaged by wearing a blazer to work. While a full suit may look too formal, a mix and match of comfy work shirts peeking from behind a double-breasted blazer may be good enough to attend a client meeting or impress your boss.

The key lies in striking the proper contrast between the work shirt and the blazer in texture, tone, and colour. Even if you wear a multi-colour full-button shirt, a part of the work shirts @ Dust N Boots wardrobe, below your blazer, it would still look formal enough in an office atmosphere.

Business Casuals at the Workplace

A white half button or full button collared shirt is worn with regular pants (non-jeans), and formal shoes make standard office uniform. Without giving an entirely business-like look, or a casual look, these comfy work shirts are perfect with mild checks or plain trousers.

While such shirts go well with baggy khakis, it makes better sense to wear a half button or full button work shirt with tailored trousers. You can complete the picture with black laced shoes and a pair of matching socks.

The Tieless Suit as Office Wear

Beating the full suit-and-tie formal office wear look, you can wear a tieless suit with a comfy work shirt that goes well without a standard tie. A full red button or half button shirt may go well with a navy blue suit, minus the tie.

Add a slick leather briefcase, and a matching pair of spit-and-polish Irish brogues should complete the semi-formal office wear look.

Summing it Up 

Shirts that don’t look too formal, but are comfortable, are the preferred office wear today. Although the current pandemic is keeping everyone indoors, a video call demands most of us to be in our work shirts.