What Can Moving to The UK Do for Your Fashion Career?

Building a career in fashion is a dream for many. It is a dream that your present location can hinder. That’s why people usually move out of their homeland to actualize their dream in the fashion world.

Many people would tell you that the UK, amongst other countries, is one of the best places to grow your fashion career. But, is this true? There is some truth in there. The UK has some of the finest fashion schools in the world, and it is home to fantastic fashion businesses in the world.

Apart from that, there are other numerous ways by which moving to the UK can impact your fashion career. Here, we are going to talk about them one after the other. Just read this post from the beginning to the end.

Numerous Fashion Jobs Opportunities

As a fashionista, one of the numerous benefits of moving to the UK is the availability of fashion-related jobs. According to a report, there are about 555,000 employees in the UK fashion industry. These statistics show that there are numerous jobs available for fashion designers and students. However, bear in mind that getting a job here can be highly competitive.

Aside from that, in 2017, British fashion retailers dominated LinkedIn’s top companies to work for. Fashion retailers like ASOS, John Lewis, Arcadia, etc., and five others made the top 20 spots for companies to work for. So, this shows that there is not just money in the industry but UK fashion companies are also great places for work.

Unlimited Inspiration

Being a fashion creator, your work relies heavily on creativity. The streets of the UK are enough inspiration for any creative person. You can spot a piece of clothing on a random lady and decide to make something more stunning or functional.

Aside from that, there are numerous fashion events, exhibitions, and shows that happen in the UK every month, and one of the most popular is London Fashion Week. Not only will you get inspired at these events, but you will also build your social network.

Incubator for Independent Fashion Business

The UK is home to numerous popular fashion businesses, from ASOS to Burberry, Alexander, McQueen, Mark & Spencer, and many others. In fact, London has held a long reputation to be an emerging design capital of the world. It is also worth knowing that the nation has reached this height in the fashion industry thanks to the support of organizations such as the British Fashion Council.

In 2017, the British Fashion Council supported numerous fast-rising design businesses in the capital with £1 million and 10,000 hours of support. Bringing your fashion business to London will help your career, as there is an obvious synergy among designers, retailers, and the fashion council.

Learning from the Best Fashion Tutor

A great way to advance your fashion career is to learn from the best. The UK is home to many fashion schools with renowned and reputable fashion tutors. On the CEOWORLD Magazine, five UK fashion schools rank amongst the top 20 best fashion schools in the world.

Some of these schools include the School of Design at the Royal College of Arts, the London College of Fashion, Central Saints Martins, etc.

These schools offer the right training that puts graduates ahead of other fashion players on the international scene. They do not just also provide fashion education, but they also combine it with business education to enable students to build successful fashion companies. Little wonder you’d find many UK fashion graduates at the top of the ladder in the international fashion scene.

Equip you Ahead of Competition

It is no news that the UK has a lot of renowned fashion businesses. You will also find various leading designers in different types of clothing, from Haute fashion to street style. Many of these designers can create a magical piece from something boring. So, if you seek a place to come out of your shell and explore all your reserved creativity, then the UK is the right place. It makes you put your best foot forward and compete with others.

The Wrap

The UK is just the best place to be for any fashionista. Moving here can do so much for your fashion career. However, you need to brace up against the fierce competition. You also need to be ready for the new working experience as it would be different from your home country.