What are the Different Types of Team Building Activities?

In the corporate workplace, it’s important to recognize your employees and promote good relationships between your team. Good relationships not only help the company as a whole but it’ll also bring more satisfaction to your workers. Your employees spend most of their life at work, so you want to make their workplace a more supportive and friendly environment. This can be easily done through team-building exercises, but there are many different types of team building activities that you could do, so how do you choose one? This article explains some of the more popular types of team-building exercises that you could do.


One of the easiest and most straightforward things that you could do for your team is to get them lunch. It could be a catered lunch, or you can go out to lunch. The whole point of this is so that your employees have time outside of work to talk to each other. Sharing a meal is an easy way to get to know your coworkers; after all, you’re spending eight hours a day, five days a week with these people. You’re going to want to know your coworkers’ a little bit more in regards to their life, and you’re going to want to connect with them better. This type of team-building exercises would also be much easier for you to plan; everyone is already very busy with work, so you don’t want to take too much time to plan and have it take much time away from work. A quick team building lunch will prevent these problems.

Creative Employee Gift

Another great way to promote team building and a more supportive and happier environment is to get creative employee gifts. These gifts don’t have to be expensive; you can easily get some small gifts, but the more creative they are, the more it’ll mean to your employees. Luckily, Bonnage offer a great selection of creative employee appreciation gifts. Some people aren’t creative, that’s very normal and just a part of life. However, with Bonnage, you don’t have to make the creative employee appreciation gifts yourself. Instead, you have a whole list to choose from and choose one that fits your company more. You shouldn’t worry about being afraid that you’re not creative enough; you just need to look through their large selection and then pick one that you think fits right. The great thing about these creative employee appreciation gifts is that no matter what you get, your employees will appreciate it because you’re going out of your way to show them that you recognize and appreciate what they’re doing. It will go a long way in supporting a solid connection between your team and yourself.

Plan a Work Event

A great way that you can also support team-building without taking away time from work is to plan an event at work. So, this can be anything from pajama day, costume day, or even ugly sweater day. At the end of these days, you could always offer a prize for who was best dressed. This will motivate more people to join, and you could also take pictures of everyone who is wearing the outfit. You can’t guarantee that everyone will show up wearing outfits, but those who do will have a fun time. Creating something simple like this will be easy because you don’t really have to take away time from work, but you get to see everyone dressed up, and you see everyone participating in something that’s not just work. At the end of the day, they will remember these types of activities because, throughout the day, they realize that they’re participating in something bigger than just their normal workday. If you would like to explore more ideas on events, click here for a list of 80 unique ideas.

Team building is important for every company. It can be hard to determine what types of team building activities that you want to try, but it’s important that you start. Team Building is there for your employees to get to know you and to get to know their own co-workers. You just need to plan some simple things, and the employees will remember and appreciate it in the long run.