What Are The Advantages Of Teen Invisalign?

Not everyone has perfectly shaped teeth. The teeth will accumulate when you grow up as an infant, and nibbling in the wrong manner can lead to uneven-shaped teeth. It is even believed that habits like biting your lip with your teeth all the time will make your teeth misaligned.

The teen Invisalign is the ultimate solution for all problems, including uneven teeth, piled teeth, gaps in between your teeth, or if you do not want to use braces. The Invisalign treatment is a set of transparent teeth aligners made of plastic that can uncurl the teeth.

Advantages Of Teen Invisalign

Invisalign is used for addressing different issues, such as spacing and crowding problems, along with a few moderate bite cases. Whether it is an underbite, overbite, crossbite, open bite, crowded teeth, or gaps between the teeth, Invisalign treatment can solve all these problems. Here are the benefits of Invisalign treatment for teens.

1. Custom-Made Aligners

The Invisalign teen method is relatively accurate. It is totally dependent on the computer procedure, and the plastic aligners are custom-made as per the teen’s treatment.

2. Easy To Remove

It is possible to take out the aligners for about two hours daily. It allows patients to put out the aligners to eat and drink and wear them later. Also, the blue dot indicators on the aligners can help parents know if the teen has been wearing them or not.

3. Decent Oral Hygiene

As the aligners are easily removable, teens can clean their teeth properly, hindering further damage to the patient’s teeth. Since there will be no brackets or wires, it is easy to brush and floss their teeth properly, so there will be no more cavities.

4. Comfortable For Teens

Aligners do not have wires or brackets, which sometimes rub up against their lips or cheeks from the inside. Invisalign treatment would not result in any friction or discomfort.

5. Transparent Aligners

The aligners are prepared using a translucent substance and are designed to match the teeth, which is why it is hard for others to see the transparent aligners. In addition, teens feel more comfortable and confident wearing plastic aligners.

6. Little-To-No Maintenance

The teen Invisalign treatment necessitates considerably minor maintenance. Rinsing them with a tiny quantity of bleach and water on alternative days is enough to remove any stains.

7. Quick Appointment And Fewer Visits

You no longer have to spend hours of your time in the clinic since each session will take about only 10 minutes. Also, the teen only needs a checkup once every six or eight weeks.

8. Precise Results

The aligners will work and straighten the teeth if the teen wears them constantly. It is recommended to wear aligners for nearly 20 to 22 hours every day to get ultimate results. They can take it out while eating or drinking and put it back immediately. Depending on the usage and the teeth crowding or spacing issue, you can see results as early as six months and up to two years.

9. Little To No Emergency Issues

Several people who got traditional braces often experienced emergency issues like a  broken wire or a damaged bracket, which necessitates a quick visit to the dentist. However, wearing aligners will save you from experiencing these problems.

Bottom Line

As mentioned in this post, there are plenty of advantages of the Invisalign procedure for teens. Clear aligners are likely to boost the confidence of teens. It would be best if parents make sure that their child is wearing the aligners for enough time to ensure the best results.