Weight Loss Milestones

Weight loss is a journey most people find frustrating but celebrating each milestone spikes up the motivation to keep going. A slow and steady pace always yields long-term results, and it gets easier to build up sustainable practices. Whether you’ve been sticking to a strict diet or using supplements such as the best green superfood powder chances are you’re meeting your milestones.  On this note, breaking up your goal into small, achievable milestones can help keep the motivation and stay in course.

Here are weight loss milestones you need to Celebrate

Taking the First Step

Collecting yourself and starting the journey is a huge milestone. Although it can feel too early to celebrate starting the journey, committing to change and become better is a step many people struggle with. Most people talk about how they want to start and how they wish they could have started earlier but never start.

Once you have committed to the change, embrace the process by writing it down and praising yourself for taking the first step. Tell your friends and family and possibly create a support system to cheer you along the way.

Apart from this, if you have obesity related health issues then we would suggest you to consult a medical specialist. In this regard, many health consultants suggest for bariatric Surgery that helps to lose weight and reduce the risks of serious weight related health issues which can be life-threatening at times.

The First Weigh In

You might see this as more of a gruelling experience than a celebratory step. It is the first episode of you facing the truth and having a reality check. Most of us fear the truth and would instead start without checking how much we weigh or measure. But, taking this step seriously can build up your motivation more than you can imagine.

The number on the scale might negatively affect yourself, but it is the right dose of courage and motivation to change it. Use it as a benchmark or as something to look back on to see how far you’ve come from. After weighing-in, take a before picture even though it might feel twice as grueling as the numbers.

Having the numbers and the photos will get you started on the right foot to change all the aspects you do not like.

The First Wardrobe Malfunction

The first few weeks of you consistently doing the most to drop the weight will certainly come with a little milestone to celebrate. You will first notice your favorite pair of pants sagging, or your shirt feels a little loose around your tummy. Whatever the case, your clothes don’t fit as they used to, which is another milestone you have achieved.

The best way to celebrate this milestone is by popping in at your favorite store and purchasing new clothing. You can also donate your old clothing or a small burning ceremony in honor of your way-too-big clothes.

When shopping for new clothes, it is advisable to have your new measurements taken to fit into the right clothes for your new body. But, it is important to buy just a few essentials as it is expected the weight will go as you continue with the weight loss journey.

The First Progress Compliment

Nothing feels as good as hearing a compliment from your friend that you have lost some weight. In most cases, it is the only motivation you need to stay in the course. You would love this compliment from the first day of your weight loss program, but the truth remains you will take some time to make some noticeable changes.

This does not mean you are not making any progress at all; it is just that your close friends and family might take a while to notice; especially if you spend a lot of time with them. When you get these compliments, add them to your gratitude journal or a sticky note on your mirror.

Overcoming a Plateau

With weight loss, it gets to a point where you stop seeing any progress. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that plateaus are common and prepare yourself mentally when that period comes. Once you go past this period, celebrate with your support system or write a congratulatory message for yourself.

Finally Fitting the Goal Size

You probably have that smaller dress or skinny jeans in your closet. Once you fit in, this is an indication you just got to your goal. Celebrate this goal by purchasing more clothes in the size, a solo photoshoot, or anything that makes you feel great.

The Bottom Line

These milestones come at a different pace for everyone. It is, therefore, essential to stay in course and focus on the goal. Once you achieve the goal, strategize and develop a plan of staying consistent with your meals, fitness, etc.