Video Retouch for Your Masterpiece

Did you know that visual content gets 94 percent more attention and reactions than non-visual, and social media users, bloggers, and influencers are more likely to share visual content, such as photos and videos, than any other? In addition, the level of informational storage is much higher when it is delivered through optical media.

Meaningful images help users to understand information more easily and remember the material much longer compared to written articles. Another survey demonstrated interesting facts: it seems that people can remember only 10-20 percent of written or spoken data within several days, while the amount of visual details that stay in memory is almost 65 percent.

Isn’t it impressive enough to start using photos and videos while creating engaging content?

User engagement in watching videos grows year by year. To make your content interesting for subscribers, it is enough to shoot a 2-6 second video. It should be a dynamic, engaging, and impressive video clip for users to save or share. And video content to be vivid and memorable, you need to be able to process it. Not all users have the ability to independently process videos. Therefore, the demand for video retouch services is also growing.

In such areas as music, films, and commercials (especially the beauty industry), video retouching has been present for a long time. Several years ago, the global blogging community has joined active consumers of video content. Some years ago, photos on Instagram began with uncomplicated photos of food and selfies, but today, the video takes priority in popularity thanks to professional video clips created by well-known video studios.

One of the most successful studios in this field is Digital Beauty Work, which has an amazing experience in video retouching, frame clean up, video quality and color enhancement. The company creates real digital magic with any photo and video content offering high-end resolution and speed of implementation.

A team of aces in the field of retouching and image composition will bring any visual content to the highest perfection. The mastermind and video retouch studio leader, the famous producer of visual effects, Max Colt, mixes his passion for forging extraordinary images with the newest technical apparature and a seamless workflow for the undoubtfully best outcome.

Thanks to such visionaries and visual effect professionals, each of your projects can become an absolute masterpiece.