Vaporizers Becomes High Fashion

The legalization of cannabis in California for recreational use in 2016 opened the floodgates for states to follow across the USA. In fact, California had been first to legalize weed for medicinal use 20 years before, but this was on another level. Despite opposition in some quarters, New York became the 15th state to make cannabis legal, and this has given the fashion industry food for thought.

Following, we look at the legalization of cannabis in New York and how it has had an impact across the board.

New York Legalizes Cannabis

New York now allows persons of 21 and older to vape cannabis wherever it is still legal to smoke. This limits the public places available, of course, but it has led to an increase in demand for Dry Herb Vaporizers which are by far the most effective way of vaping cannabis and other herb.

New Yorkers of the legal age can now have up to three ounces of concentrated cannabis on their person – this is considerably more than in some states – and may store as much as 5lbs of weed. They are also permitted to grow as many as 6 plants at one time in their homes.

Other states have seen taxes from the cannabis and CBD industry fill the coffers, and it is estimated the market value is at present $4.6billion, second only to that of California. What has this to do with high fashion? Quite simply, cannabis and vaping are big business, and high-end markets such as fashion and luxury goods want to be associated with anything the celebrity contingent are hooking up to – and in New York right now that’s vaping cannabis!

High End Dispensaries

The New York fashion scene leads the trends and it has certainly embraced cannabis. So have luxury goods retailers. Take Farnsworth Fine Cannabis, a luxury dispensary that recently opened in the exclusive Berkshires area. Run by faces known in the celebrity and luxury world, this innovative high-end dispensary offers a selection of exclusive luxury items plus its own brand of cannabis cigarettes, and intends to attract the rich and famous who are now able to indulge in their enjoyment of cannabis unhindered.

Young businesses such as this, aimed at the high-flyers rather than the average guy, should be no surprise given that cannabis and vaping have taken on a new status in places such as New York and Los Angeles. In the latter, pop up cannabis dispensaries offering seriously expensive, luxury vaping accessories have appeared a few times, and the glitterati are seriously into the more up-market vape pens and other devices that are sold as luxury goods.

What the Future Holds

In terms of vaping trends it would have been difficult a few years ago to predict that among them in 2021 would be a growing demand for luxury vaping products, but with cannabis now legal in New York – one of the most influential cities not just in the USA but the world where trends are concerned – vaping cannabis has hit the high time, and there are no indications that this is a fad rather than an ongoing change of scene. People are treating vaping cannabis as something that is fashionable, which is exactly what the market wants to see, and this can only attract more people who recognise that they can now enjoy weed without fear of repercussion.

Vaping has gone high fashion, and given the situation in New York and in other states this should come as no surprise. It’s the safest way to enjoy cannabis, and the most effective and affordable too, so why not join the elite and enjoy it yourself!