Types of Jewelry to Wear on Different Occasions

A piece of jewelry can complete your overall look, whether you’re going on a casual meet-up with friends or attending a formal event. However, you must also choose the right pieces to wear for the specific occasion. It’s to ensure that you will look your best without going overboard. You can get them from a jewelry studio or your local jewelry store. Here’s a guide to the best pieces of jewelry to wear on various occasions.

Casual days

You will probably wear casual clothes on a regular day like going on a lunch date with friends, shopping at the mall, or doing some errands. You have the freedom to experiment with the pieces that you will wear. Mix and match your options to find something that will complement your outfit. Generally, find something that will match your mood, personality, and whatever you are comfortable with. Since it’s casual, you don’t have to think much about restrictions or rules.

Formal occasions

Formal events such as weddings, company anniversaries, and the like will require you to wear formal wear. You want to look elegant, so you must carefully select your jewelry pieces. Classic jewelry made of pearls or diamonds will never go out of style. It’s a sure win if you wear these pieces. You want to show your luxurious side, but too much of it can take away the touch of class.

Balance the pieces that you wear. Choose one piece to be the center of attention, and be subtle with the others. For instance, if you choose to wear your prized diamond necklace that is dazzling and eye-catching, you can make that the focal point of your ensemble. Since you already have that attention-grabbing beauty, go low-key on the other pieces, like wearing a pair of stud earrings, and a simple diamond bracelet. If you decide to make your earrings the center of attention, then go modest with the necklace and bracelet. ARY D’PO has a great choice of statement pieces, definitely worth checking out.

Informal parties

Informal parties include going on a night out with friends, or attending events that are not your everyday casual, but also not too formal. These are times where you can also go bold, take risks and experiment. Depending on the vibe you are after, choose the pieces of jewelry that will let you achieve this. If you want a fun vibe, big-sized and bright colored bling will give you that free-spirit party feels. Go for flashy pieces if you want to exude that “it” party girl look.


You want to be presentable but look respectful at the workplace. The most appropriate pieces of jewelry to wear are simple ones. You want them to help step up your look, but you don’t want to be all glitzy. You will be the center of attention, and it could take away the focus of other employees from their work. A nice necklace and a pair of subtle earrings would work. That’s unless quirky is normal in your work environment.

Invest in versatile quality pieces of jewelry, so you can mix and match them on different occasions.