Top Trends In Swimwear

Around 112.5 million Americans travel during the holiday season in December, and while many travel to celebrate festivities with their families, others take advantage of the warm climate of areas of the world such as the Canary Islands in Spain, the Whitsundays in Australia, or the plethora of islands in the Caribbean.

In these zones, bikini season is definitely around the bend, and those traveling to these climes are already shopping for their vacation wardrobes. If you are one of them, take note of the following swimwear trends, which will look great on your Instagram and other social media feeds.

Halter Top Bikinis

Halter top bikinis have made a big about-turn since their early days. If in the past a halter top covered most of the breast, today, it comprises underwire-free cups that cover only three quarters of the breast, bearing a flattering ruching on the inner side of breasts, and straps that connect both cups at their inner bottom and top ends.

Halter tops, seen on celebrities like Kylie Jenner, are soft, minimalistic, graceful tops that look fabulous with string and Brazilian bikini bottoms. Their look can be changed depending on how you tie the bikini top strings. They can be criss-crossed and tied back at the neck, up front, or around the waist, hips, or underboob. Thus, you can achieve various looks with just one top.

Cutout One Piece

Swimwear for women has come a long way since the days of basic one-piece suits. Cutout one piece swimsuits are a great way to show off your figure and still look stylish. They provide full coverage of the body while still showing off some skin. Today, women can choose from a variety of different styles, colors, and fits to suit their individual style and needs.

The cutouts can be in the front, back, or sides, depending on the style you choose. You can checkout as they provide swimsuits in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your individual taste. These swimsuits are perfect for a day at the beach or pool, as they are comfortable and provide ample support and coverage.

One-Piece Designer Swimsuits

Gone are the days when one-piece suits were boring and only for sports. These days, top designers such as Johanna Ortiz, Solid & Stripe and Hatch are showing that one-pieces can display high-end features. Indeed, some have so much bling and appeal that they can be used as bodysuits for a night out on the town.

Check out bikinis by White Shore Swim X by Olivia Ponton to discover how great a metallic sheen can look on swimwear of all colors. In one-piece designs, hot features range from color-blocked trikinis to one-pieces with ruffles gracing one shoulder, to diagonal cuts in metallic and other fabrics that sparkle beautifully at night.  Be sure to consider swimming lessons for seniors as well.

Long-Sleeved Bikinis

Crop tops are proliferating anywhere that it is warm and sunny, but they are also taking over the swimwear industry. One of the cutest styles around involves crop top bikini tops with long sleeves. The tops reach down to a few inches below the chest, and are often paired with vintage style bikini bottoms that are similar in look and feel to short bike shorts.

This style is ideal for those who like to protect their skin against the sun while taking part in stand-up paddle, rowing, or swimming activities. As is the case with new-found one-pieces, these also look great by day when worn with a pair of jeans or tailored black pants.

Sustainable Swimwear

Sustainable shopping is taking over the habits of millennials, and the demand for eco-friendly items definitely extends to fashion. Environmentally aware companies are finding many ways to reduce the size of their carbon footprint. Londre Bodywear, for instance, uses double-lined compression material made from recycled plastic bottles.

Ayla Swim donates 1% of each suit sold to organizations that protect coral reefs. Summersalt creates swimwear that is crafted from 78% recycled polyamide. There are so many brands making beautiful items of all styles and sizes, so shopping sustainably involves just a few minutes of online research.

If you are excited about an upcoming trip to a beachy area, start shopping early so you can ensure you shop for a few designs that are on trend. Top-selling items include halter top bikinis, fancy one-pieces, long-sleeved bikini tops, and sustainable swimsuits and accessories. Play around with fabrics as well, choosing items in simple colors to color-blocked suits, and nature and animal-inspired prints.