Top 6 Fashionable Trends to Wear During the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your looks as it allows you to wear various styles. You can choose an elegant dress or short shorts. However, choosing a beautiful outfit is not enough; it is necessary that it be fashionable and matches the characteristics of your figure. Here is what recommends you to wear during the summer.

1. Bright Colors Are A Fashion Trend This Summer

In the summer, every girl can afford the most daring and vibrant outfits that combine original patterns. Clear geometric lines or soft color transitions must be present in the image – the main thing is that all shades are bright enough.

Ethnic motives of various countries are prevalent this season. In the collections of many designers, you can see decor in beads, mosaic patterns, and paisley patterns. At the same time, clear images and strict lines are absent. Actual blouses, dresses, skirts are made of soft materials because, in summer, comfort is essential.

2. Striped Clothing

For several seasons in a row, striped clothes have not disappeared from fashion catwalks. This is not surprising because it is in the summer that nautical motives are more relevant than ever. However, the horizontal blue and white stripes are not all that you can afford this summer. A narrow and wide strip located diagonally or vertically will look great. It can have clear or blurred boundaries.

The main requirement is bright colors. You can afford blue, blue, red, orange shades. If you want to create a more formal look, opt for black and white stripes.

3. Open Outfits

This summer, mini-skirts and tops that show the belly will be highly relevant. However, owners of an ideal figure can afford to wear such clothes.

In addition, designers advise girls to wear ultra-short shorts that look more like bikinis. Of course, such an outfit can only be worn by the brave representatives of the fair sex. This summer, the shorts are perfect for chunky tops. Models look great with T-shirts and they can be monochromatic or decorated with a bright pattern.

4. Transparent Materials

This season, designers recommend that girls opt for clothes made of translucent fabrics – lace and chiffon. Mesh or perforated fabrics will also be popular.These things look good with geometric accessories and platform shoes.

5. Stylish Sundresses

Distinctive features of sundresses this season are a deep cut on the back and a large number of flounces. Bright prints, floral patterns, abstract drawings are relevant. A dress with a floor with a cutout on the back of a deep neckline will look stylish.

6. Fashionable Colors

Of course, dark shades look out of place in summer. Designers recommend bright colors – blue, yellow, pink, white, blue, emerald tones.

Clothes of the listed colors can be monochromatic or multi-colored. The main thing is to combine shades correctly: pink with blue, blue with yellow.


When creating an image this summer, you should not blindly adhere to fashion trends, and also essential to take into consideration your sense of style – then, you will always look harmonious.

The trendiest summer fashions you can wear right now are in