Top 5 Tips For Making Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Are you tired of spending money every few weeks to touch up your eyelash extensions? If so, don’t worry – we have just the thing for you. This blog post will discuss some great tips to help make your investments last longer and save you from frequent trips to the salon. These five tips for making your Ellipse Eyelash Extensions last longer will give you a well-deserved break between visits. So, read on and learn how to get those beautiful eyes back without hassle.

1. Keep Them Dry

Avoid getting eyelash extensions wet, especially within the first 24 hours after application. Not only will water cause eyelash adhesive to weaken, but water can also damage the eyelash hairs and make them lose their shape. That’s why when washing your face or applying lotions near or on eyelashes, it’s essential to be extra mindful of not getting eyelashes wet at any time. To extend the life of Ellipse Eyelash Extensions, you should also try to limit swimming and steam activities as these may weaken the glue and lead to lashes falling out.

2. Sleep On Your Back

When you put Ellipse Eyelash Extensions in, you want them to look beautiful for as long as possible. By avoiding sleeping on your stomach or side, the extension can keep its original curl and thickness longer. For example, when people turn onto their side while sleeping, eyelashes tend to rub against each other and flatten out over time due to pressure from pillows and blankets. When eyelashes are compressed against pillowcases and sheets, they can also become damaged from friction.

3. Clean And Brush Them

It’s important to be gentle when cleaning and brushing eyelash extensions, as it helps keep them from becoming matted or tangled. Cleaning eyelash extensions regularly also ensures a healthier look and feel. When selecting a cleaner, opt for one specifically designed for eyelash extensions – this will help protect against contaminants in the air that can damage eyelashes. As for brushing, gently brush eyelash extensions after cleaning, starting from the base up, to avoid any tangles or clumps.

4. Being Gentle Is Key

Being gentle is essential to making Ellipse Eyelash Extensions last longer, so avoid rubbing or pulling on them. With eyelash extensions, always being gentle can help reduce damage caused by pressure and friction. Even though eyelash extensions aren’t that delicate, they need all the attention you can give them, so they don’t get too worn out over time. Being gentle extends the life of the eyelashes and ensures a better look and feel for the lashes.

5. Use Lash Sealant

Lastly, made from a combination of quality waxes, oils, and netting fibers, a lash sealant creates a protective film that leaves eyelashes feeling glossy and hydrated. It not only seals eyelash extensions against wear and tear but also fortifies them, making it more difficult for dirt, oils, and fine dust particles to attach themselves to the lashes.

Tips For Making Your Ellipse Eyelash Extensions Last Longer: In Conclusion

We hope these tips helped you learn how to make Ellipse Eyelash Extensions last longer. If you have any questions, contact a specialist who can help. We hope these tips helped you learn how to make eyelash extensions last longer. Thanks for reading.