Tips for full- length mirror placement for having desired results

Mirrors complement and complete the interior decoration of any space. There are numerous benefits that mirrors bring in to your home that is why they are loved and widely used by interior decorators.

Mirrors create the illusion of an ample space, which is essential in a room with a small space. Apart from this, mirrors can be used to reflect natural light into your space. This helps to leave the room bright and comforting during the day and creates the illusion of multiple light sources at night.

These are just but a few benefits of incorporating mirrors into your home’s decoration. In this piece, I’ll be taking you through how best to place your mirrors in the home for optimum results and satisfaction.

Let’s dive in!

Full – length mirror placements

Mirrors in the home can be placed in the following locations to achieve different results that are not only enhanced home interior but the individuals in the home as well.

At the corner of bedroom

The mirror is an excellent addition to the bedroom. The mirror can be used to fulfill different needs while complementing the bedroom’s décor at the same time.

A mirror addition to your bedroom makes your bedroom significantly bigger than it is. It can also serve as a substantial piece of visual interest in the bedroom. A full-length mirror placed in the corner next to the bedroom window will reflect natural light into the bedroom. This will make the bedroom look significantly larger while also creating a brighter ambiance.

Placing a large mirror in any corner of the room will make the room full and with volume. This is especially good for a bedroom that looks scanty. A mirror placed in the corner opposite the bedroom door will make that corner of the bedroom appear bigger, which in turn makes your bedroom larger. This reflects light into the room; this not only makes the bedroom bright but also makes the mirror reflect true-to-life reflections when you look at yourself.

Besides the above, having a mirror in a bedroom corner, especially the one close to the door, makes it easy for you to take a final look at yourself after dressing up before stepping out of the room. This allows you to put the finishing touches to your looks and dressing. It saves you from embarrassing yourself by paying attention to the crucial details of your looks before stepping out.

On the front of entrance door


Mirrors are great, not just for the home’s interior. However, they make great decorative pieces with added visual interests for people who come into your home. Adding a mirror on the outer part for your front door is a creative way to present your entry to people who come into your home.

The addition of a full-length mirror to the door turns your entrance door into a statement piece. It also makes your home visually appealing. This also allows those who are visiting you to do last minute checks on their appearance and looks before entering the home.

Besides the above, the entryway is also an excellent way to incorporate mirrors creatively. This complements the décor in the home and creates added visual interest for anyone who comes in.

A large wall mirror across the entrance door will make your entryway exciting and more significant. Besides the obvious benefit of a large entryway, each time the door is opened, the light that pours in is reflected by the mirror into the hallway. This helps to get rid of shadows and creates a bright entryway.

For a creative display, incorporate large wall mirrors with decorative frames into your entryway. They will not only make the entryway bright but will also make your entryway visually appealing. This makes it grab the attention of visitors who come into the home.

For girls makeup room

One important place to use a full-length mirror in the home is the girls’ makeup room. This is also referred to sometimes as a walk-in closet or vanity.

The first point of contact is the door to the makeup room. This can be decorated with large floor-length mirrors. Especially if the makeup room is inside a bedroom, the mirrored doors will make the bedroom look bigger.

Besides making the room more prominent, the mirrored doors will also reflect lots of natural light into the bedroom. This will make your bedroom brighter, enhance the atmosphere to make it relaxing, and even create the illusion of multiple light sources and creative lighting effects.

Furthermore, apart from decorating the door of the closet with mirrors, a floor-length mirror in the makeup room aids people who want to dress up in the home. They can try on different outfits to settle for the one that looks best.

The looks and appearance can be worked on and imperfections visibly seen and taken care of. The mirror also creates the opportunity of observing how one looks from head to toe. This makes sure that all aspects of looks and dressing are appropriately addressed before leaving the room.