Tips for Creating Winning Merchandise Displays

Every business owner is constantly searching for the best ways to advertise their products to customers. There are different strategies to achieve this, but one popular option is the merchandise or window display strategy.

A window display is a gathering of items in the storefront area of a retail enterprise. Your window displays are the most significant marketing tool available to you as a retailer. They can make someone a passer-by or make them enter your store and become a customer. They can also make someone completely ignore your business and what you have to offer.

Many people struggle to find the necessary creativity, as well as the time and money to invest in it. However, business owners need to understand that merchandise displays can drive sales for a product within a short while if the right creative and lighting tools are deployed.

Tips for Creating Winning Merchandise Displays

Here are some helpful tips:

Consider Colors and Shapes

Your merchandise display’s bold design, brilliant colors, and engaging graphics can have a significant purchasing influence on customers. Colors have a suggestive power that can be used to your benefit while still complying with brand guidelines. Warm colors, for example, elicit an impulsive response, whereas cold colors elicit a sensation of well-being.

Unique display forms and sizes, in addition to color, stand out on shelves and in aisles in your product category. Customers are more likely to notice these unique designs in the store.

Go for Sturdy Substrates

The longevity of the display is important. To keep an appealing appearance, your retail item display must be able to resist the normal wear and tear created by average store traffic. Invest in durable retail showcases and shop displays made of plastic or metal if you know your products will be displayed in a busy spot within your retail environment—or if you are showcasing high-ticket products.

Prioritize Message Hierarchy and Position

It’s important to have a clear message and CTA (Call to action) on your product display. The importance of positioning and order cannot be overstated. There is no need to go through every single element of your product in your merchandise display. Keep it simple by using only a few words that appeal to the interests and desires of consumers. There are more benefits attached to utilizing readable prices shown in bold and easy-to-read typefaces. If you would like to know some of these benefits of merchandise displays, check here:

The Senses Should Be Stimulated

Do not rely just on images to convey your message to customers. As a retail sales promotion strategy, create interactive displays. Allowing your customers to sample your product is one approach to appeal to their senses. If sampling is not an option, model how your product would be used or consumed and show the results or advantages.

While your merchandise displays should be unique, they must also be intuitive to be effective. If a shopper’s attention is drawn to them through sound, aroma, or motion technologies, they must understand exactly what is expected from them.

Enhance the Festivity of Different Seasons

A particular occasion or a seasonal celebration can be enhanced by some of the best merchandise displays. You will find that retailers and CPGs excel at this during the Christmas holidays and important athletic events in the region. Picture all the festive retail displays that get you in the mood for the Christmas holidays or the Superbowl. That is the kind of imagery that makes people want to learn more about your product and buy it.

Maintain a Clean and Well-stocked Display

Make it easy for your customers to see your products. Determine how many things you can display without it getting too crowded. Create an uncluttered design with some vacant space to give shoppers a link between the visual signage and the information within. To avoid empty product showcases, make sure shelves are continually refilled. For methods to effectively do this, you can read this article.

Update Content

There is a chance that the level of traffic that you record in your store will be consistent. You will find that the same people patronizing your store are likely to see your messages week-in and out. This will certainly get boring at some point. What do you do about this? Update your content!

But do not worry—updates do not have to be expensive or time-consuming. Rather than changing the entire display, only update a few critical components. Change the photographs used, the shapes in which things are displayed, or just swap front products with the ones at the back.


Advertising products to potential customers has gone beyond traditional methods to more creative forms that attract attention. The merchandise display option allows for customers to have a clear view of the products they intend to buy, and this can convince them to buy.