The Different Types of Industrial Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Industrial cleaning supplies can be anything from detergents, sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, and more. But unlike the regular cleaning supplies, these perform heavy-duty tasks and large-scale jobs, and are stronger and offer superior performance.

Here are some of the common industrial supplies and products used in warehouses, factories, and other large-scale facilities;

Heavy-Duty Detergent

Heavy-duty detergent, or what professionals call industrial-grade detergents are industrial detergents you will only find being used in different factories. They have the capabilities to remove oil, rust, paint, carbon, and grease. This technically advanced industrial cleaning essential is made to penetrate the surface film and lift deposits from the underlying material.

It then disperses them into the solution. As soon as the base material is clean, the surface action ceases. This ensures there is no chance of dissolution, which may later cause accidents.

Scale Remover

This product is designed to clean metals efficiently without causing erosion. It is formulated from a combination of citric acid and wetting agents and is typically used to remove iron oxides in boilers and/ or heating exchangers. They are available as a liquid product and can be used in different amounts as per requirement.

Acid Descaler

Just like the name suggests, acid descaler is formulated to protect carbon steel, brass, copper, and other metals against acid. They are formatted from a special film inhibitor, contain a penetrant to make them more effective, and are high in performance. They can also clean deposits like limescale, making them ideal for heat exchangers and exchanges.

Solvent Cleaner for Electronics

This is blended with a highly refined hydrocarbon solvent. They are easy to use and are safe even for the environment. It is always important to make sure that the products you use are approved, safe, environmentally friendly and doesn’t contain ozone-depleting solvents.

General Purpose Cleaner and Detergent

As the name hints, general-purpose cleaner and detergent are more general and less intense than their high-performing, heavy-duty counterparts. It is made with depressants, grease-killing compounds, and oil. They are used in a wide variety of tasks including food processing applications, oil fields, off-shore, and municipal applications.

Industrial Wipes

There are multiple types of industrial wipes, all of which come in different shapes for different purposes. Some of them include super-duty white patient wipes, isopropyl alcohol wipes, dusting wipes, anti-bacterial wipes, medium-duty red sheet wipes, and more.

Always make sure that you get the right wipes for the right purposes from approved manufacturers and distributors. Manufacturers like Trugrade are well reputable, offer fair prices and multiple industrial supplies.

Oil Spill Dispersant

This is specifically formulated for oil stains removal and cleaning up oil spills, especially in a marine environment. They are sensitive like the environment and are designed to be highly effective and work fast. They also have specific regulations and instructions on how to be used.

Note that different cleaning supplies and products are used for different purposes. And different industries also use different cleaning supplies, so you only get to choose what is convenient for your facility. Safety is also an important factor. Always read directions of use and wear the necessary gear; gloves, boots, and glasses, where applicable.