What was the Mod Fashion?

Mondrian dresses

Mod fashion is not just a fashion fad. It is having a moment, or rather, still having a moment. While it’s best known for being wildly popular during the 1960s in London, it’s still very much relevant today. The word “mod” is short for “modernist,” and as the name suggests, the style … Read more

The 1960s Mod Fashion

a 1960 red and white printed dress

It is true that what we wear has always defined us to some degree. It is something that can indicate economic status but within certain confines of convention. Uniformity of dress historically creates a standardized population. During the 1960s, as part of the social change movement of fashion, a subculture called Mod … Read more

Interesting Facts about the Iconic 1960s Fashion Scene

Interesting Facts about the Iconic 1960s Fashion Scene

It’s not to say that other decades’ fashion scene is less interesting, but the 1960s is endlessly fascinating. Apart from several revolutionizing events in the world of music, the 1960s also saw some sweeping developments in the world of fashion. Like the music trends of the 1960s, the fashion trends of the … Read more