Top Manicure Tips

a person massaging the hand of a woman

Manicures are done at home or in a nail salon and are cosmetic beauty treatments for fingernails and hands. Nails are filed and shaped, any dead tissues are pushed or clipped, and hand massages are performed, along with the application of nail polish.  Nail polish is usually waterproof and can be left … Read more

The Different Types of Manicures You Need To Know About

Hands and nails have become an important beauty focus for many women through the years. This is why many women are regularly getting their nails done. Aside from keeping the nails healthy and polished, getting a manicure is also a way to show your personality and creativity. It enables people to try … Read more

The Fascinating History of Nail Polish

person painting nails

Many women love to get their manicures and pedicures regularly. In addition to cleaning the nails, those processes also include the application of nail polish, which comes in many different colors, styles, and designs. It is a lacquer that can be applied to the fingernail or toenail to decorate and protect the … Read more

Interesting Facts about Nails and Nail Polish

Interesting Facts about Nails and Nail Polish

Do you think of your nails all the time? Most people don’t unless you’re a nail junkie or a manicurist who is totally in love with your job. Aside from the stubbed toe, a broken fingernail, or the occasional mani-pedi, we don’t give our nails much thought. For sure, there are things … Read more