Ultimate Guide to Women’s Shoe Fashion

Woman in blue denim skinny jeans and black stiletto shoes

Fashion is all about confidence. When it comes to wearing shoes, it reflects the personality behavior of a person. However, if you want to look good by wearing attractive shoes, you don’t have to give up comfort. Contrary to a popular belief, beauty is not always a pain. What most women don’t … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Historical Fashion

Woman wearing a corset and long sleeve dress

The Romans and Egyptians were very interested in their appearance and they put a lot of effort and money into fashion and style. Wearing a particular type of dress was the means of communication of status, profession, and wealth. In the 15th century, the Burgundian court of Philippe le Bon established itself … Read more

Shoes Worn During the 1990s

Shoes Worn During the 1990s

Fashion in the 90s was interesting, to say the least, especially due to the plethora of popular shoe styles at the time. We had sleek, strappy sandals to wear on special occasions, but we also had high platform sneakers when we wanted to look great in the streets. We had chunky, athletic … Read more