Famous Designers of the 1920s

the fashionable Coco Chanel

Fashion in the 1920s attracted unparalleled publicity from the movie studios that publicized photographs of popular movie stars who were loved by many women. With this, women during those times wanted to match the clothes that they wore. They became the most influential of all the fashion icons of the era, and … Read more

The Hats of Coco Chanel

The Hats of Coco Chanel

It’s undeniable: The lady had style. Elegant but never fussy, sleek and body grazing but not overtly sexy — Coco Chanel’s style was in a category of its own. She created designs that women sought and men admired, refusing to conform to the times while, instead, shaping the fashions of the time … Read more

Interesting Facts About Coco Chanel

interesting facts about coco chanel

Interesting Facts about Coco Chanel If anyone is even slightly familiar with the world of fashion, they’re very likely to know the name of Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel is one of the most famous women in the world, especially when it comes to fashion of any kind. Her brand is still a … Read more