Styling Tips For Prom: A Guide For Plus-Sized Women

We all can agree: the journey to finding the perfect prom look as a plus-sized woman is never easy.

Falling in love with a dress that never fits you, ill-fitting dresses making you feel and look heavier, or no clarity on how to flaunt your curves. Fashion for plus-sized women is definitely a challenge!

Prom is a day for you to be excited and hyped for the celebration, not lose all your spirits. Spending days in confusion and disappointment as you stare at all the fashion inspirations: the worst of all!

Hold on and boost up your confidence! We have the coolest styling tips for plus-size prom dresses, only for you.

Without wasting another second, let us take a look at all these expert tips:

Never Forget Your Shapewear

If you are tired of your belly fat stealing away all the attention, not your mesmerizing outfits, it is time you invest in good shapewear.

By providing compression, shapewear will entirely change the overall look by accentuating your body contour. And, here’s the catch: shapewear is merely more than accentuating your body curves. A shapewear will also provide support to your body.

When buying shapewear, remember to avoid going for shapewear that fits too tightly (you surely don’t want numbness, tingling, or pain); instead, look for shapewear that is more comfortable to wear.

Corset Fits Are Your Best Friends

Need an effortless way to define your body features? The best choice for you is corsets! The corsets give a definition to your waist, providing an hourglass shape. In addition, most corsets are designed to provide support as well.

What’s better than getting a perfect hourglass shape and support, with no discomfort?

When going for corsets, you can either wear a corset underneath your dresses or opt for dresses with a corset-fitted bodice. On the other hand, if you have a heavier bust, overbust corsets are your savior.

Choose Necklines Strategically

If you carefully choose a neckline that highlights your face the correct way, you can hone any plus-size prom gown with confidence. Some of the best necklines that are perfect for heavier women include off-shoulder, asymmetrical, sweetheart, scoop, and plunging V-necklines.

The only way to know what works best for you is to understand how a neckline will highlight your body features.

For instance, off-shoulder necklines drawing attention to the neck and face make a perfect choice for curvy girls. On the other hand, plunging V-necklines add a sensual touch to your outfit by flattering your cleavage and creating an illusion of your torso.


It is impossible to think of prom night and not tulle together. But being a plus-sized woman, you often hesitate to try and choose a tulle dress. The voluminous effect of this fabric in plus-size prom dresses can make you look heavier.

But is the elegance of tulle still grabbing your attention?

If yes, here’s a tip for you if you still want to stick with a dress in tulle fabric for your special night. Choose a dress with a tulle skirt with a corset-fitted bodice. This way, the flair of the dress’s skirt balances the well-fitted design on the upper body perfectly. With this, choose a skirt with a high slit to give the illusion of elongated legs.

Know What To Avoid

We all make fashion mistakes. And it is no big deal when you go to a birthday party or to the store to run an errand. But prom is not the occasion for making a wardrobe hazard with trendy plus-size prom dresses. To help you, here are things you must avoid if you are a plus-sized woman.

  • Avoid wearing fabric that adds width to your overall look, like the poofy fabric tulle. With such fabrics, you add unwanted volume to your body, exactly the opposite of what you want.
  • One common mistake is wearing tight-fitted clothing to attain a slimmer look. That will leave no room even for breathing. Choose a dress that fits well, not too tight, not too loose, hugging your body from each curve!
  • Never go for prom dresses that do not have a defined structure. Go for silhouettes that embrace your body by providing a definition.
  • Whenever purchasing a dress, focus on the patterns and accents, as these can help in the illusion of looking slimmer and taller. Vertical and minimal patterns are perfect for this. If you choose a larger pattern, the focus will shift to your larger body.

Conclusion: Celebrate Your Curves This Prom

Plus-sized women often struggle with following fashion inspirations. It is time you leave behind all the insecurities and fears, take a step forward, and gracefully flaunt your body.

Follow our tips to look your best on your prom night and rock the party with plus-size prom dresses! Let your curves tell the world what beauty really means!