Screen Printing Custom Garments

There are some great reasons to want to have the option to print custom garments. You can create affordable staff uniforms, garments as giveaways to loyal customers for marketing purposes, team shirts, fun family gifts and more. Screen printing, Miami and elsewhere is convenient, fast and a very affordable option to create your own designs and have them printed on garments like t-shirts or jackets. There are a few things to think about including the other option to screen printing, digital printing. Here is a closer look.

Consider your choice of garment

Miami screen printing t shirts tend to be the most popular garment to print onto, but it is not the only option. Your choice of garment depends on why you are printing and who you are printing it for. In most cases the larger the printing business you choose to order from the more options they can offer you. Most places can handle long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and t-shirts. When you choose a new printer it is a good idea to start with a smaller order or ask for a sample first and then order something larger if you are happy with the results.

You have more than one printing method to consider

The majority of smaller printing businesses use screen printing because it is more affordable to run, easy to create bulk orders and customers enjoy the more affordable pricing. But some places also offer digital printing as well as screen printing Miami. Screen printing is older but with the development of new technology digital printing interests some customers because you can use more colors and the design you choose can have more detail.

For example, let’s say you are looking to create and order class t-shirts to congratulate a graduating class. You want letters that stand out and the school logo on them. These are simple, do not have a lot of colors and are the kind of thing well suited to screen printing. If on the other hand you are creating something more unique just for yourself or a loved one, or for a small selection of people and it uses many colors and a picture, maybe even a photo, that requires a lot of detail, then you would want to choose digital printing.


T-shirt printing does not have to be plain or use cheap garments. You can have quality t-shirts printed that people will wear over and over if you want. Order in bulk and you can enjoy discounts and use Miami screen printing t-shirts if the design is not overly complicated or colorful and you can save a lot of money. Whether you are wanting to create custom printed garments for yourself, or someone else, you are doing it for a business or organization, a team, or family, choosing the right printer, method of printing and design is key. Screen printing has been around for at least a couple of thousand years across many countries and cultures and it still has something to offer today.