Rolex and Celebrity Endorsements: Watches of the Rich and Famous

Any conversation about the popularity and immense success of the Rolex brand is dominated by three main factors. The first is the quality and attention to detail which underpins both the brand and every watch it produces. The second is the direct link with professional sports and activities, which puts Rolex at the forefront of the market for functional yet stylish watches for every occasion. The third is the coveted status of every new release Rolex, which is buoyed by both the lack of supply to meet demand, and the fact that celebrities across all industries are among Rolex’s biggest fans.

You need only look at a dress worn by the latest Hollywood A-lister, or a destination visited by a Grammy award winning singer, to see the relevance and influence that the rich and famous has on consumers and on buying habits. We want to own, and we like to do, what those who we admire own and do – and that’s part of the power that Rolex has over other brands.

While the low supply and high demand keeps prices high and ensures that every Rolex watch is an investment, that high demand is fed by the presence of Rolex on the red carpet, at award’s ceremonies, and even on the big screen itself.

Here are some well-known – and some more unexpected – examples of Rolex being worn and endorsed by the rich and famous.

Rolex on the big screen

Perhaps the most famous outing for a Rolex watch was in James Bond – but which one? Rolex watches have featured in eight different James Bond movies, with the Rolex Submariner very much the model of choice owing to its waterproof design (and Bond’s ability to get himself into an assortment of difficult situations).

While the decision to integrate a Rolex watch into the character ensemble did very little for the creation and characterisation of Bond, what this partnership did do is elevate the Rolex brand to one which combines action and adrenaline with impeccable, timeless style. Every Rolex that is seen in a Bond movie is tastefully linked with the rest of the outfit, giving buyers that unrivalled sense of owning something that is also worn by the world-famous spy.

And that’s not Rolex’s only outing on the big screen. Other famous examples of the rich and famous making Rolex look good in Hollywood include Christian Bale wearing a Rolex Datejust in American Psycho and Matthew McConaughey wearing a Datejust model in The Wolf of Wall Street. In addition to actors wearing a Rolex watch to help bring their characters to life, Rolex as a brand is also directly partnered with the Oscars ceremonies, and supports the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in LA. This means that when A-list conversations are held, Rolex is always at the forefront of sponsorships, partnerships, and appearances.

Other celebrity Rolex buyers, fans, and collectors

It’s rare to see an A-list celebrity fan-girling over something – particularly when they are usually the one at the centre of attention from their own fans. However, as we move through a list of celebrity Rolex fans and collectors, it seems fair to conclude that the number of authentic watches owned by some of the names on this list indicates more than just a passing interest.

And where better place to start than with John Mayer, who famously owns a vast collection of both vintage and more modern Rolex watches. One of the watches that Mayer owns is from the Paul Newman ‘Daytona’ collection, inspired by the late Paul Newman and now considered one of the most sought-after watches in the world. The Paul Newman Daytona is from Rolex’s selection of race car watches, allowing the user to check their speed and distance as well as the time – with the defining features of Newman’s collection including art-deco details and exotic colour palettes.

Another celebrity with a penchant for Rolex is Ellen DeGeneres, who also owns a Paul Newman Daytona as well as a multitude of other watches from both the vintage and contemporary collections.

And we can’t talk about famous Rolex fans and not look at the Beckham’s, who make their love of fine watches a family affair. With both David and Victoria Beckham big fans of the Rolex brand, Victoria with her vintage President model and more contemporary Day-Date watch, while David keeps it vintage with some older model Submariner watches, even Brooklyn has gotten involved in recent years by being seen in a vintage Submariner.

Other celebrity Rolex fans and collectors to note include:

  • Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, one of the best paid actors in Hollywood with an enviable collection of authentic Rolex watches.
  • Mark Wahlberg, who owns a vast collection of rarer and more accessible Rolex watches.
  • Sofia Vergara, another example of Rolex’s female admirers, who has been seen on screen and off screen sporting high end Rolex timepieces.
  • Jennifer Aniston, who famously owns both a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date and a Datejust, as well as a bespoke all-black model.
  • Daniel Craig. While Craig’s own James Bond is more inclined to wear an Omega watch than a Rolex, the actor himself is often seen out and about with a Rolex on his wrist, and famously owns more than one iconic model from his own private collection.

Should you invest in a Rolex?

You won’t be surprised to hear that while celebrities such as those listed in this article can get their hands on many Rolex watches that they want brand new, most consumers have to go through secondary markets and preloved luxury goods sellers or put their name on long waitlists to get hold of an authentic Rolex.

Owning a Rolex is regarded as an investment as well as a style statement, with models known to increase in value as soon as they leave the original retail store. If you are interested in investing in a Rolex, it’s crucial that you buy from a reputable seller with a formal valuation and authentication check, to protect your investment.