Ready To Cruise? 3 Tips To Help You Pack Your Perfect Boat Attire

A study by Marks & Spencer revealed that men spend about 13 minutes every day deciding what to wear, while women spend 17 minutes on average, according to a report published on Complex. As much as there are no strict rules on what to wear on a ship, choosing suitable cruise clothing can be hectic. Fortunately, there are easy fashion style tips you can follow to ensure you make the right choices. Since you’ll be cruising to multiple destinations, you’ll need different outfits to match different climates and activities. Your outfit selection should also fit dress codes set by cruise lines. So, are you ready to style your cruisewear? Check out these 3 tips to help you pack your perfect boat attire.

Choose Resort Wear 

Comfort should be your top priority when choosing what to wear on a cruise. You want to feel comfortable while lounging by the poolside or engaging in onboard activities. Therefore, pack loose clothing that enhances your comfort. Sleeveless tops, tank tops, sundresses, casual skirts, jeans, and button-down shirts are perfect choices for women. On the other hand, men can maintain appealing looks wearing t-shirts, slacks, casual skirts, and jeans. It is also advisable to put on a swimsuit, with a stylish cover-up like a sarong or kaftan. When choosing footwear, pick flip-flops, sandals, or sneakers.

Layer Outfits For Excursions

While you’ll be spending most of your time sailing, there are times the ship will dock at a port, allowing passengers to go hiking, shopping, biking, snorkeling, swimming, or surfing. Whatever you intend to do, make sure you layer your clothing. For example, if you plan to spend time at the beach, consider wearing a swimsuit and then cover up with shorts and a t-shirt. That way, you can change to your swimwear easily if you wish to engage in fun activities in and around the water.  Remember, putting on a lifejacket is a sure way of preventing accidental drowning in the sea. So be sure to follow the proper guidelines and carry one if you intend to kayak, surf, or parasail.

Get Extra With Evening Attire

All cruise ships have dress codes that may determine what passengers are requested to wear during dinner. For example, during casual dinner nights, men are required to put on short-sleeved dress shirts or golf shirts with black slacks, while women wear classy pants and tops or summer dresses. For a formal dinner night, elegant long maxi dresses, ball gowns, or cocktail dresses are preferred for women. Men, on the other hand, can opt for tuxedos or other fashionable formal outfits.

There is nothing wrong with packing oversized sun hats, loose t-shirts, shorts, and boat shoes for your cruise vacation. However, factors like ship dress codes, shore excursions, weather, and onboard activities determine the type of clothes you wear. Therefore, make a list of  what you intend to do onboard and ashore, know your destination, and ship’s dress guidelines. Doing so helps you select appropriate cruise fashion.