Patriotic Shirts: Wear Your Beliefs

You’ve probably been seeing a lot of people out and about wearing patriotic shirts and are wondering where you can buy one for yourself. Pretty sure you don’t want to be seen wearing the same old cheap looking outfit old people wear. You’d want one that’s modern and sleek, with a cool style that all the popular celebrities sport. Fortunately, there are some cool companies that specialize in the latest trends and combine them with patriotic themed apparel with a twist. Bu what’s the hype with patriotic clothing?

There is no better way to show your love for your country than with a patriotic shirt. Whether you are a veteran or an ordinary citizen, you can wear patriotic clothing and let others know that you were in service or simply let them know that you love your country. There are many ways to customize your clothing to show your patriotism and there are many fashion brands that cater to this trend too.

You don’t need to be a veteran or someone who’s served the military in order to wear patriotic shirts and apparel. There are many different types of patriotic clothing that you can mix and match to wear for any event. There are headscarves and sleeveless shirts you can wear to a Fourth of July fireworks event, or perhaps hoodies or beanies with the American flag design during a football game in late December. You can even find socks with the stars and stripes design on them—how much more patriotic can that get?

Cool Patriotic Apparel

If you’re tired of the same old, cheap-looking patriotic clothing you see being sold everywhere, then you really should have a look at some of the newer styles that some companies and independent artists are pumping out. Not only do these apparels come with newer designs, but the slogans they have are up to date as well. For example, you can get a t-shirt or a hoodie with a “Black Lives Matters” text to show your support to the black community, or you can get a shirt with “Make America Great Again” on it if you want to show support for president Trump. There are many fashion houses and independent designers make patriotic shirts and apparel that you can wear proudly. The graphics and design will leave no doubt on where your political affiliations and belief system lie.

Finding a company that sells patriotic apparel is as easy as 1,2,3. Simply grab your phone or computer and search online for examples of the clothing or design you want, then choose a company that sells a wide range of cool new apparel that will not only look cool on you, but make you proud to be an American.

One of the latest trends nowadays is patriotic head scarves, face asks, or shirts with controversial prints. If a clothing company has these on sale, you’re good to go. Another great thing about companies that sell patriotic apparel is that cut their gear into the latest fits. This means you will not look drab or unfashionable wearing their clothing, compared to older style outfits that look outdated and cheap. So, go out and get yourself one of the latest patriotic apparel now!

Patriotic Shirts as Fashion Statements?

Patriotic clothing has become a sort of fashion statement rather than a show of support to one’s country. Some people even use these trends to make a parody out of patriotism. This leads to people making fun of American culture by pretending to act like rednecks just because shows on TV make it cool—this is false patriotism.

Patriotism shouldn’t be considered a trend that lasts only for as long as shows depicting rednecks stay on TV. Patriotism is something that one should always cherished—something that doesn’t make others feel awkward for showing support for the country just because they don’t fit the mold.

Some people enjoy decorating their things and customize them according to their personality or interests. Some decorate their things to show their patriotism, and that’s okay. But you don’t need to go all out and wear flag-decorated apparel to show your patriotism—this doesn’t make you more American than the next guy. It’s great to show pride and love towards one’s country, but this pride should be genuine—not something that will go away once another trend takes center stage.

In addition, actions speak louder than one’s fashion choices. Patriotism goes beyond the way you wear your clothing or decorate your car. It is a state of mind. It’s being kind to one another and reaching out to the ones who are oppressed by the system. It’s fulfilling your duty as a citizen. It’s a way of life and not just a style. But it doesn’t hurt to show your patriotic pride with your clothing too.


Clothing has always been a means to tell the world about the things we care about. Today it remains of the most popular ways of aligning oneself with particular issues or political beliefs. The rise of social media and mass production have made it easier and more convenient to promote and produce politically provocative fashion. Fashion is not just a form of self-expression, but it is one of the biggest platforms people easily understand and identify with. This is exactly why it’s the perfect platform to convey one’s beliefs. After all, what we wear is inspired from many different things, and sometimes it is just another way to get your point across.

Politically charged fashion statements of patriotic shirts continue to be as relevant today as they were in the 1980s, and it is impossible to imagine a protest or a movement where people do not wear Tshirts while challenging the system and recruiting potential followers and changing people’s point of views. Patriotic shirts effectively help spread the word. Imagine just how powerful wearing a shirt emblazoned with words like “Black Lives Matters”, “Support Women’s Rights”, or even “Make America Great Again” can be. Whether it be for basic human rights, abortion, LGBT rights, or worker’s rights, activism can be empowering.