Modern jewelry box VS Antique Jewelry box

There are many styles of jewelry cases to store your jewelry collection. The two most famous are the modern and the antique collections which are opposed on many points. We have selected for you the 3 major advantages of each of these jewelry box designs.

Choose antique jewelry box for their design

Antique jewelry boxes are primarily known for their aesthetic appearance that is expressed inside and outside the object. Many women succumb to the charm of their engraved and/or lacquered wood.

It must be said that their effect on the decoration of a room is incredible. It is an object that goes beyond its initial function of storage. It is like an artwork that decorates a room like a painting or a sculpture.


Choose modern jewelry box for their functionality

Modern jewelry boxes have a more limited visual effect. Generally designed in a sober style, they are used less for their decorative function than for their wide range of different features. These fit the jewelry collections of all jewelry lovers.

Whether it’s a mirror, a handle, a lock with key or even sides doors for necklaces, you’re spoilt for choice when buying a contemporary jewelry box! This is very practical because all forms of jewelry are developing, some very extravagant. Yet, we don’t always think about the storage of the jewelry we buy when we are in the store. It is good to know that solutions exist whatever our taste in jewelry.

Choose antique jewelry box for their rarity

Antique jewelry boxes do not have as much functionality but this allows them to develop their rarity. Indeed, the models are limited in number. The oldest ones are no longer produced and can only be found at flea markets, garage sales or art dealers.

This phenomenon makes the price of some antique jewelry boxes rise to astronomical figures. This is especially the case for old fashion wooden jewelry boxes that were made by hand. This is due to the skill required to make them, which is not very common. The same goes for the types of wood used, which are not found everywhere.

Choose modern jewelry box for their availability

It is often the opposite for the jewelry boxes of modern collections. They are usually designed in unlimited edition in more common woods. This allows to reduce production costs and to decrease the supply shortages.

Of course, this does not alter their quality which can be excellent. The details and finishes are finely worked to please the greatest number. However, their simpler shape and their availability on the market makes their price more accessible.

Choose antique jewelry box for their soul

Old jewelry boxes develop their difference by their life history. The oldest ones were made several centuries ago. Their past represents their soul and makes the object very valuable to collectors. The fact that they belonged to a personality can also contribute to this phenomenon.

It is important to note that they are usually in less good condition. Sometimes damaged or at least weakened, it is advisable to contact a jeweler or a wood craftsman to solidify its structure or renew the treatment of the materials used.

Choose modern jewelry box for their strength

The contemporary jewelry boxes are only a few years old or even a few months for some. They are much more resistant. You can be sure to keep your product for many years.

This is also important to consider if you are traveling. In your baggage, the friction of other objects on your jewelry box can damage it if it is fragile. Choosing a modern jewelry box is the smartest choice if you are a traveler!