Mens Pinstripe Suits

The Pinstripe suits with their dashing vertical stripes were hugely popular in the 19th century, especially during and after the eighties. While the popularity of the suits when down during the 2000s, it is back again in all their vigor, sophistication, and popularity. The suit was made popular by the Brits and was a part of offices during the 80s and 90s. Nowadays many different silhouettes and fits of Mens pinstripe suits have emerged to capture your imagination and adorn your style.

Origins and History of the Pinstripe Suit

As stated, the popular form of Pinstripe suits came into existence in the latter half of the 19th century. Some people opinionate that the suit was originally worn by English bankers and was a uniform for Victorian employees. The original Pinstripe suits had subtle differences (in the distance between their stripes and the thickness) from the other suit designs. It helps the banks differentiate between their employees and the employees of other institutions. Another school of thought held that the Pinstripe suits were a Sport evolution and that it was a uniform that was worn by men who did water activities. Because both boating and banking were popular throughout the 19th century, these schools of thought cannot be termed as unreasonable.

How to Wear a Pinstripe Suit

Nowadays with subtle variations of Pinstripe suits available, you can wear them without wearing the looks of a mobster or looking overly flamboyant! These suits may look best in the workplace. However, you need not be traditional and can wear them without a tie, on other occasions as well. Below are some important tips to consider when you want to wear a Pinstripe suit

  • The cut of the Pinstripe differentiates it from the other suits. The Pinstripe has slim lapels, is nipped waist, and a snug fit. The contemporary designs have stately and modern looks.
  • The black Pinstripe suit looks best with a white shirt and grey tie, for best and utmost sophistication.
  • When you want to wear a refreshing Pinstripe style, you should prefer patterned shirts along with ties as their combination. The fail-safe options include the maroon, white, and blue combinations under the Grey or the Navy Pinstripe suits.
  • Some accessories that can complete the look and mix well with the Pinstripe suit style include the nautical or bead bracelets and the stainless-steel watch.

What Made Mens Pinstripe Suits Popular

Mens pinstripe suits were not only popular in the UK but also in the USA throughout the nineties. These ultra-stylish design options were preferred by those who wanted to distinguish themselves from the crowd while making a bold statement. The darling suits of the Prohibition era and its unofficial uniform, the Pinstripes were liked by jazz musicians, movie stars, as well as gangsters alike. Al Capon was one of the famous patronizers of the Pinstripe suits. The suits were popularized for a long time by famous movie and media stars including Carry Grant and Clark Gable as well. These timeless suits portray power, aristocracy, and flamboyance like none other.

The innovative designs of Pinstripe suits blend aristocratically with modern looks, and the accessories can further accentuate this style. Choose your Pinstripe suits and accessories carefully to bear that bold flamboyant and “power” look anywhere you like.