Longarm Quilting: Basic Guide and Top 3 Longarm Quilting Machine to Buy

Nothing beats a well-made quilt. Whether you sew your quilt sandwich together with perfectly straight lines or whirling circles, a stunning geometric grid or a soft dappled look, the quilting design may really assist to make your piecing shine and produce that stroke-worthy texture every quilter seeks.

If you’ve never used a long arm quilting machine before, you might be wondering if they live up to the hype or are worth the investment. We’re here to explain how they function and to give you some recommendations for the best ones on the market!

What is Longarm Quilting:

Long arm quilting, as the name implies, is done with a long arm quilting machine. These machines stitch the three layers together by loading the top, batting, and back onto a metal frame. The machine head rolls vertically and horizontally, allowing it to quilt while the cloth remains stationary. The operation of the machine may be manual or automated, depending on the model.

How does a longarm quilting machine work?

A long arm quilting machine is made up of four parts: a sewing machine head, fabric rollers, a work table, and a big metal frame. This is normally between 10 and 14 feet long, depending on the machine. To begin quilting, place your backing fabric and quilt top onto the rollers, then fasten them and the batting into position.

You’ll then begin quilting, depending on whether you’ll be freehand quilting your own pattern or using a pre-selected design on a computerized machine. If you’re quilting freehand, the long arm quilting machine will include handles that you may hold to guide the sewing machine head around the quilt while you sew the stitches.

Top 3 longarm quilting machine:

If you’re a serious quilter, you’re probably thinking of getting a long arm quilting machine. Long arm machines make quilting easier by providing a greater throat space, strong motors, and smart controls.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of our top three selections for the finest long arm quilting machines in 2022.

Juki Kirei HZL-NX7:

With the Juki HZL priced around $3000, we doubt you’d find a machine at this price point from another manufacturer.

The quantity of accessories and technologies is truly outstanding. It’s one of the greatest long arm quilting machines available, but without the exorbitant price tag.

It includes 350 stitch designs as well as four monogramming fonts. Everything may be controlled from a central position on the LCD screen, without the use of control buttons or knobs.

Grace Q’nique 21”

The Q’nique 21 is a professional long arm quilting machine with easy-to-use features and a sophisticated aesthetic. It is, in our view, the greatest long arm quilting machine.

The Q’nique 21 is a joy to use thanks to its quick stitching, smooth operation, vibration-reducing construction, and easy user settings.

Ansley26 ESP Limited Long Arm Quilting Machine

TinLizzie18’s renowned Lizzie Stitch is available on the Ansley26 ESP Limited long arm sewing machine. This machine also offers the greatest throat space accessible for huge quilt patterns (26″ x 8″). The machine automatically coordinates your motions when you select a stitch mode. It sews as you move, and when you stop, it stops stitching. The stitch regulation mechanism provides for precision stitching, and the needle may be stopped in either the up or down position on this machine.

The bobbin winder winds while you quilt, ensuring that your next bobbin is always ready. The adjustable handlebars enable for detailed stitching. The Ansley26 ESP Limited is one of the market’s most innovative and high-quality long arm machines.

How to choose the best longarm quilting machine:

It may be tempting to select a machine with all the bells and whistles, but sometimes keeping it basic is preferable. The last thing you want to do after you’ve loaded your quilt sandwich is look for a difficult user manual, so look for a machine with simple controls, simple maintenance, and a table that makes loading and quilting simple.

Long arm quilting machines are large expenditures, therefore it goes without saying that you should investigate the machine’s customer service and warranty information!

Final thought:

Whatever the case, it’s difficult to deny that there are several benefits to selecting a longarm quilting service, especially if you’re short on time (who isn’t?). If you’re planning a large quilt but lack the confidence or patience to quilt it on your home machine, renting a longarm machine or sending it to a professional may be the best solution.