Joey Horn: The Woman Fighting for Women’s Rights Through Organizations

Joey Horn is a successful businesswoman, who is committed to fighting for women’s rights such as equality, social justice, empowerment, and more. She fights for these important rights and causes by donating and being involved with several different charitable organizations.

Horn chooses to help organizations that are dedicated to providing opportunities, networking, resources, and tools for undervalued women. One of her favorite organizations is Mothers2Mothers. This organization was developed to help stop HIV from being passed to newborn children from the birth mothers in Africa. Mothers2Mothers consists of female leaders who have HIV, and their goal is to help mentor, support, and educate the community on how to prevent transmission of HIV from mothers to their children.

Over the past two decades, Mothers2Mothers has been able to help more than 11 million African women. Horn’s participation has been vital to the organization’s success, as she has raised a lot of money for the organization as well as provided a great amount of support, which has uplifted and restored the lives of many women.

Horn is an inspiring advocate for women and takes great pride in her work. By continuing to engage with organizations around the world, she is making a huge difference among the lives of children, women, and underrepresented individuals and groups.

Joey Horn is currently serving as the managing director of Oak Management in Oslo, Norway. She enjoys traveling around the world and can speak four different languages. Horn graduated in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree from Williams College. A few years later, in 1991, she received her MBA from Yale University. She quickly succeeded in the field by working her way to the top at various companies. Her free time is spent volunteering and advocating with several organizations.