Is uniform fashion ever going to be a thing?

Fashion is a very subjective thing nowadays. Something that may look completely ridiculous to some, may look like the next best thing to others. This creates a real difficulty around the subject to truly come up with an objective view of what’s amazing and what is not. But one part of the fashion world that we can objectively rate are clothing styles that simply cannot be changed and will not be changed for years to come.

I will talk about a phenomenon known as “uniform fashion” in this article and how it is one of the most unique parts of the fashion world. It’s a very specific and interesting topic because designers have very little creative liberty in the outfits they create, which makes every little added detail that much important.

So, let’s talk about industries that have the most well-designed and classy fashion styles with their uniforms.

Casinos and VIP venues

The fashion of this industry has mostly established itself through a movie screen for most people as most people haven’t really been to a professional VIP casino. We have this idea that the staff in these venues are supposed to wear tuxedos with bowties, and they need to always be dressed in black and white.

Although it is indeed a signature look for a croupier or a dealer, there are some creative liberties that designers usually take in this particular sector. This has mostly to do with the texture, material, and color of the clothing they design for these employees. If it’s mostly established that a male dealer needs to wear a black suit with a white shirt, the designers have the freedom to change up these colors and often match up to the brand of the casino they are designing these outfits for.

This is also the case for online casinos that don’t physically accept customers but need to maintain a professional sense in their attire as well. The most creative liberties in this particular case can be seen in Canada, where quite a lot of brands have built an HQ in. However, what distinguishes the best Canadian online casino from a regular one is the choice of designers for their uniforms. It’s very clear to see that some of the less advanced casinos still maintain the classic uniform fashion of black and white tuxedos of male employees and a red dress for females. While the more advanced ones use much more cutting colors like yellow, green, and sometimes blue if the game is too risky.

The main reason here is that color affects the person looking at it, so it’s up to the designers to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Hotels and restaurants

Here we have two very basic sectors as well. Most of the uniforms here are also suits, tuxedos, or just plain shirts with bowties or ties for male employees and very basic attire for females too.

Here as well, we can apply a more glamorous sector of hotels compared to kind of cheaper ones. Considering that it’s usually the luxury hotels using fashion designers for their uniforms, we have to talk about them.

What most of them do is that they try to make the staff almost indistinguishable from a regular visitor. The reason for this is that the designers are trying to create a situation where a person does not feel they are being given a service, rather they are being given an experience. The removal of that clear understanding that the person standing in front of you is an employee helps that immensely.

However, some artistic touches to help these employees stand out a bit are added as well. This is usually manifested through a color scheme that suits the brand, or a very specific choice of shoes that almost none of the guests would consider wearing.

The best part about this is that these creative liberties taken by designers apply to regular customers as well. Copying a hotel’s uniform fashion and visiting a different one is most definitely not going to make anyone seem like they work there.

Will this take off?

Most definitely. People are getting tired of looking for dark-colored classic clothes all the time and want to mix it up a bit with some color. Seeing a professional venue use these colors is going to convince many that maybe a suit does not HAVE to be black, blue or grey.