Iconic Japanese accessories

Japan is a country that’s known for its wonderful aesthetics and utilitarian products. These are things that cut to the chase and provide absolute use with minimum frills. Anything that carries the label Made in Japan is always known to be a quality product both in terms of design as well as use. If you ever travel to Japan, you will see that most stores have a separate section for Made in Japan products. These are perfect items to take back home as a gift.

Travelling around Japan, you can even check out some casinos which only became legal recently. However, Japan is not an easy country to navigate if you do not know the language as most people do not understand English. So perhaps it is wiser to check out online casinos like nihonlinecasino.com which could give you a Japanese casino experience without the hassle. This will leave you with enough time and mindspace to go shopping for some of the best that Japan has to offer. We have a list of Japanese products that are truly reflective of the wonderful and unique country and also make for the best gifts.

Ninja Bento Lunchbox Set

This is a perfect gift for school going kids. The Ninja Bento Lunchbox Set has two compartments, a soup bowl and a funky ninja painted on it. Kids love it.

Paper Parasol


These are probably the most iconic symbols of Japan. When you think of Japan, you will almost always think of a geisha and her umbrella. This is a wonderful gift and although you may not be able to use it during the rains, you can still use it as a home decoration.

Fujisan Rock Glass

The Fujisan Rock Glass is a classic piece of Japanese glass design. It even resembles Mt Fuji at the bottom and is the perfect gift for whisky drinkers. Popular with fathers.

Maneki Neko Charm

Japan loves good luck charms and you’ll see them in every store in the country. These are also known as omamori and used for good health and fortune. The Maneki Neko Charm with a kitty shape is probably one of the most widely recognizable ones.

Toto Electronic Toilet Seat

Japan takes its toilets very seriously as in this LATimes.com article and most of them are very high-tech with so many features that you could be confused. Most of their toilets have features like warm seats, bidets, deodorizer and dryers. To be honest, this luxury can be highly addictive and you can bring the experience back home with the Toto Washlet Toilet Seat.

Seiko Blue Moon Watch

Seiko like Casio is an iconic Japanese brand when it comes to watches. It is both stylish as well as elegant and looks slick on a man’s wrist. Get it for the man in your life.

Tabino Yado Bath Salts

Japan has a very unique bathing culture. They have bathhouses called the onsens where people congregate usually after work for a good nice scrub. Get yourself some of their famous bath salts to experience the onsen in the confines of your home.
There are many other very truly Japanese things that you could explore like Japanese rice bowl, electronic rice cookers and even Japanese knives. No matter what you buy, as long as it’s made in Japan it’s going to be completely worth it.