How To Wear Streetwear Like A Pro And Look Like A Grown-Up

Grownups have to level up their fashion style and make it all elegant and classy, right? Well, not really. Or at least not anymore. Today, the fashion world has completely embraced streetwear and made it acceptable for people of all ages, going to all types of events, whether that is going shopping or a party.

In other words, get comfortable. Fashion accepts it these days. Streetwear outfits can be spotted on every big designer’s runway show these days.

But, how do you wear streetwear attire like a pro and an adult? Here’s how:

Always go for premium fabrics

As a grownup, you already know that the looks of a piece of clothing aren’t the only thing that matters. Now, you’re looking for comfort more than ever before. What’s more, as you get older, you become more conscious about the impact of fast fashion, and cheaply made streetwear isn’t that appealing anymore. In other words, streetwear pieces that look cheap, are usually unethically, and can barely stand up to a few wash cycles aren’t your thing anymore as you grow up.

This is where premium fabrics come into the scene.

Leveling up on what fabrics you choose for your clothes is definitely a grownup decision. Premium fabrics will make you feel more comfortable when wearing your streetwear outfits and add some sophistication to your look. An example? The Gud Lifer offers high-quality streetwear and activewear attire.

Mix streetwear with smart

One of the best things about today’s fashion trends is that they are very fluid. They no longer forbid you to wear your favorite baseball cap with a more formal element like a blazer, which is exceptional news for grownups who love streetwear but don’t want to look like a teen.

You can balance your streetwear pieces with smarter elements and create a more “adult” look. For example, if you want to wear your favorite graphic tee, simply layer it under an overcoat and a pair of smart trousers.

By doing all this balancing, you may be amazed at the casually sophisticated result you’ll see in the mirror.

Pick your actual size

If you want to wear streetwear and look like a grownup, you need to think loose, not baggy. Oversized and baggy clothes may hang well on young and thin bodies, and teenagers don’t even need to stress about their silhouette. But, when you’re an adult, the story is a lot different. If you want a comfortable but sophisticated look, you need to move beyond baggy to loose.

As a proper grown-up, wearing clothes that are too baggy or too skin-tight is going to be counterproductive if your body is starting to show some aging signs. So, the best way to keep your streetwear outfits comfy but stylish is to go for a relaxed fit or one that is only slightly loose.

Don’t get caught up in the hypebeast culture

Young fashion enthusiasts are all about the hype and exclusivity. Many find themselves spending considerable amounts of money on a piece just because it is trendy at the moment, and there’s a lot of hype around it. But, no one who follows the hypebeast culture considers whether these pieces actually look good on them.

But, the reality is that no one should wear something that simply doesn’t flatter them only because the Internet is crazy about that piece at the moment. As always, the hype will pass, and you’ll end up with a piece of clothing that doesn’t look good on you, and likely, you also don’t like that much.

As a grownup, you should know better that such trendy clothing is bad for the planet, isn’t worth the investment since in just a few years will be laughable, and maybe doesn’t even enhance your streetwear looks that much. Instead, be an adult and make smarter choices. Buy pieces that are classic and will never lose their appeal and style for the years to come.

Limit the logos in your looks

Sure, you may have just spent hundreds of dollars for a streetwear piece from a reputable designer. But there’s no need to get all flashy about it. If you display all the possible logos on your clothes, not only that you’ll look like a walking NASCAR advert, but it will also make you be that person who brags about their money to spend on clothes. Adults don’t do that.

So, when you wear logo streetwear clothes, make sure that you only limit your outfit to one brand logo piece and keep all of the other elements more understated. After all, you’re not getting paid to advertise the brands, so why wear your loyalty on your sleeves (literally)? Better mix those logo clothes with other plain elements. This will not only make the one logo you have on yourself stand out better but will also prevent you from looking like an infatuated rich teenager.

Wrapping up

Streetwear is the new fashion normal in our day-to-day lives. These tips from above will help you create streetwear looks that keep you trendy and comfortable, while not making a fool of yourself for trying to look younger than you are in reality.