How to Succeed in a Zoom Job Interview

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of life in 2020, especially when it comes to work. Remote working has become the new norm, but what about those that are looking for a new job? Zoom interviews are now common which can bring unique challenges and make interviews harder than they already were. Here are a few tips which will hopefully help you to make a good impression.

Formal Attire

People working from home might be in their pyjamas but you certainly don’t want to do this on a Zoom job interview. Instead, you should simply wear what you would normally wear which is formal business attire, such as smart women’s skirts, a button-up shirt and a blazer – this might seem strange sat in your home, but it is important for showing that you are serious. As with a regular interview, you should never wear anything too loud or flamboyant which could be distracting.

Know the Technology

It is important that you know what platform you will be using for the interview and that you feel confident using it. Interviews can be stressful enough, so you certainly won’t want any tech issues during the conversation which is why you need to learn and practice with the tech and check everything beforehand (including having a strong and stable internet connection).

Choose the Right Place

You also need to think about choosing the right place in the home for the interview. This should be somewhere quiet without any distractions, well-lit and with a suitable background. Be sure to let anyone in the house know that you should not be disturbed during the time slot that you have for the interview.

Prepare Answers & Questions

As with any interview, you should prepare for the questions that you are likely to be asked and to prepare a few questions of your own. One advantage of a video call is that you could have notes to check on during the conversation, but do not read directly off a sheet and instead really listen to what they have to say and make eye contact along with positive body language.

Speak Slowly & Clearly

Everyone knows that Zoom calls can be awkward and difficult but this is amplified in an interview. This is why you need to speak slowly and clearly without trying to fill any silences. The employer will understand the difficulties of the situation so try not to let any hiccups knock your confidence.

Hopefully, these tips will prepare you for a Zoom interview and help you to overcome the difficulties that they can bring.