How To Style Your Fake Eyelashes?

Long, voluminous eyelashes are very much in trend now! Fake lashes are our messiah as all of us are not blessed with naturally long, thick lashes. However, you have to learn how to style your fake lashes properly. Well, you came to the right place because we are here to help you learn how to put those fake everyday lashes.

What to do before putting on fake lashes?

You can start with curling your eyelashes. These days it’s effortless to buy lash curlers online. If not, you can always take help from a beautician. Then you can apply mascara and eyeliner. If you wear eye shadow, you have to put them on before putting on the lashes.

How to put on fake lashes?

The first step is taking them out of the packaging. Gently take the lashes out from its case. To maintain its shape and to prevent them from breaking off, start from the outer side. You can use your hands or tweezers for this.

Apply glue to the lashes using a Q tip. Different kinds of glue are available in the market. Some prefer black-colored ones that will blend well with the lashes. But the white-colored glue will become clear once it is dry.

After applying the glue, you can wait for it to dry before putting the lashes on.

Using a tweezer, bring the lashes over your eyelids and carefully place them. You can trace your eyeliner to put the lashes in the right shape. Yes, this is a tricky process, especially when you are putting on the lashes. During the entire process, you have to be careful.

Many people struggle at this point. The trick here is not to fully close your eyelids. You can look down, use a mirror to guide, and keep the lashes in place. After putting on both the lashes, use the curler and shape your eyelashes again. You can apply some more eyeliner to hide the vein of the fake lashes.

Mascara on fake lashes?

There is a belief that you can either use mascara or use fake lashes only. But, you can also get the best of both! There is nothing wrong with applying mascara after you put on your fake lashes. Apply them to your lower lashes and your natural eyelashes. The mascara will help keep the fake lashes in place. However, having mascara on the lashes will reduce its life. If you are using both together, use the lashes two or three times and discard them.

Some more tips for styling your lashes

Find the type of lash fit for your eye shape. If you want to look more elegant, try wearing Russian Strip Lashes. Most lashes are for almond-shaped eyes, but all of us have unique eye shapes. Experiment with different types of lashes and find the one suitable for you. For instance, if you have deep-set eyes, use lashes that are thick towards the end. Also, don’t forget to trim the lashes before you apply them.

Want to know a trick to keep the curviness of your lashes? After taking them out from the packaging, stick them around your index finger. This way, they will retain their curvy shape.

Do you think the lashes are a bit too much for your casual date? You can cut them in half and use them with winged eyeliner. It will give you an instant sleek look!

Concluding Thoughts 

According to Doe Lashes experts, the false lashes should be comfortable to wear and soft to touch. There should be no irritation or heavy feeling.

You can go for subtle or glam-look lashes. The type of lash you choose depends on your eye shape too.

By now, you have learned all the secrets to styling fake lashes. All that is left is to try them on your own. So, what are you waiting for?