How to Make the Most of Valentine’s Day at Home

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you need to have a plan ready. Don’t let lockdown get in the way of you celebrating the day with your partner. In fact, you could make the most of a more laid-back approach. You don’t have to worry about rushed reservations or last-minute tickets, you can simply enjoy the day with the person you love.

Cute Gifts

Despite this year being so different, you can still follow the Valentine’s Day traditions of exchanging gifts. You could keep it simple and sweet and get your partner Valentine’s Day chocolates. Or you could pick a gift to mark your favourite memory of the past year from them, a needed and thoughtful reminder there were good parts about it. Don’t forget the card to let them know how you feel about them.

Dress Up

Even though the two of you will be staying in, this doesn’t mean you can’t dress like you’re going out. You both should dress as if you were heading out to a fancy restaurant. It will make the evening feel more special. It gives you an opportunity to wear clothes you most likely haven’t worn in a while, and snap some cute couple pics while you’re at it.

Create Ambience

If you’re getting dressed up, why not make the house look different too? It’s well worth taking some time to create a romantic ambience. It’s up to you how much time you spend. It could be something as simple as lighting candles and putting on playlists of your favourite songs. Or you could create different rooms per activity. A bar set-up and disco light in the lounge, your best crockery and candles for a restaurant kitchen. A spa-inspired bathroom.

Dine In

You and your partner have a couple of options when it comes to your romantic meal. You can cook a meal together. There are plenty of recipes you could try. One of you could prepare the mains and the other dish out the dessert. Or if you don’t trust your culinary abilities, or neither of you wants to cook, check out your local restaurant Valentine’s offers. It’s likely that lots of them will be running special deals. You can enjoy some delicious food and support a local business.

Even though this might not be exactly how you wanted to spend the day, you can still create some special memories with your partner. How are you spending Valentine’s Day this year?