How to make a living as a professional gambler in 6 simple steps

If you’ve ever watched a movie like 21 or got hooked by the tension of the World Series of Poker, you might be wondering if you’ve got what it takes to be a professional gambler. 

While gambling has been popular for centuries, its ethical ambiguity polarizes opinions, as demonstrated by its history of legal disputes that still linger today. 

But most people find it hard to ignore just how thrilling gambling can be. With its combination of excitement, risk, and potential large monetary gain, people all around the world turn to gamble as a fun pastime. 

But not as many are willing to jump completely in, making gambling a full-time profession. 

Is it even possible?

In today’s world, a typical career is defined by its security. The idea of a career itself is brimming with conventionality and steadfast direction. It’s advertised to people from a young age as a way to make a decent life for oneself – comfortable and stable.

Comparatively, the idea of gambling is entirely the opposite. It’s seen as dangerous and risky, but this is part of its charm. 

While it’s not completely irrational to consider gambling a potential profession, it’s definitely unconventional. Most people would stay far away from this idea, only entertaining the possibility of gambling as a hobby. But turning gambling into a profession is not impossible, and it has been done before.

With society’s ideals changing rapidly, and people are demanding change from outdated traditions, the definition of a career is beginning to be challenged. More people are re-prioritizing their life, no longer having the same long-term goals of a simple, stable life, that ends in blissful retirement.

Although there are many other career paths that could be explored, if you’re looking to try out professional gambling, here are six steps to start you off on a firm footing:

1. Separate reality from fiction

One thing that might stand in the way of becoming a professional gambler is holding on to far-fetched ideas of what it really means to be a pro gambler. If you’ve seen any movies about gambling, you’ve probably caught on to some common themes. According to Gamblers Daily Digest, gambling movies all similarly portray the intensity of high-stakes plays, a dangerously risky, but luxurious lifestyle, and a passion for thrills.

But actually being a professional gambler is nothing like these dramatized stories. Being a professional gambler won’t make your life as interesting and enticing as in the movies. This is something to remember when starting out in the real gambling world.

If your expectations are influenced by fictitious dramatizations, you’ll probably find yourself dissatisfied with the true lifestyle of being a pro gambler. Not only will it not live up to your expectations, but you’ll also probably end up basing your strategies off of what you’ve seen in these movies, leading to a recipe for disaster. 

2. Understand the mindset of a pro gambler

Take some tips from true professional gamblers. While it might not be the best idea to mimic their strategies step by step, you can learn a lot from both their wins and failures. This can give you a jumping-off point to build yourself up to their level. 

An example of this is Doyle Brunson, a poker legend. 

According to Gambling News Magazine, Brunson is considered a poker hero – immortalized in the Poker Hall of Fame and author of multiple books on poker. Despite being considered one of the best, he’s had his ups and downs, but like any good player, he’s learned from them.   

3. Get to know your games

This one might be kind of obvious, but it’s nonetheless necessary. If you want to play any game, let alone become a professional, you need to know your games inside and out. This includes not only being informed about the rules and skills required for any game but also gaining experience. 

The game is one thing, but when you really understand the game you’re playing, you understand the players too. Especially in games like poker, having an idea of how people of various skillsets approach the game can only make you a better player. And being able to read and predict other players’ moves will up your chances of winning. 

Adrian Marinescu from OnlineCasinoGems also advises that you shouldn’t jump straight into games you don’t know. It’s okay to say to yourself, “I’m not quite ready for this.” Marinescu mentions, “Don’t let someone try to push you into doing something you’ll regret later. If you are unsure about the intricate details of a specific gambling game, step away.”  Visit 토토사이트 to know what the largest Toto site in Korea can offer to you. 

4. Think critically and openly

Develop a strategy and skillset but remain open to learning new things and changing your ways. Part of being a professional gambler is understanding the risk and uncertainty in the profession. This means that part of succeeding is not just being a good player, but also knowing how to navigate the fluctuating dynamics involved in gambling.  

A large part of gambling is a psychological component. The way you perceive and digest the results of each play can easily determine whether or not you’ll come out a winner in the long run. 

One tip expressed by multiple pro gamblers is to be aware of and take advantage of opportunities. But opportunities don’t make themselves that obvious. Part of thinking critically is being able to see an opportunity where there is one and knowing when there’s not.

5. Set your limits

Don’t bet more than you can afford to. If you keep placing bets, especially when you’re already in a losing position, chances are you’re going to lose more. In gambling, you need to know the game and yourself. 

If you can’t afford to place a bet, then don’t. It’s that simple.

Although gambling can be fun and addictive, part of being a professional is also being able to say, “This is enough.” You can always come back to it later on or some other day. 

Play when you feel you’re at your best, and don’t push yourself to get that jackpot or beat out someone that you feel has a better grip on the game than you do.

Be realistic about your playing. You’re not always going to win and that’s okay. According to Weekly Slots News, the games are always designed in the casino’s favor.

Even if this isn’t news to you, it’s important to remember, especially if you’re intent on going pro. No matter who you are, the casinos are the ones making a consistent profit. 

6. Have confidence in yourself

A lot of people might bash on being a professional gambler, saying that it’s not a real job. But remember that it’s your life and that you can make the most out of anything. If you’re doing something you love and are passionate about, who’s to say that you’re doing it wrong. Be sure to look at sites like for great insight and fun.

There’s a lot to learn from being a professional gambler. Life itself is full of risks, and being at a typical 9 – 5 job doesn’t necessarily guarantee security, even if it may appear so. Many people have made a name for themselves as professional gamblers, one of which is James Holzhauer.

Holzhauer took his gambling skills and ‘cracked’ Jeopardy, as they say. His approach was unorthodox, but he did his research, knew his own skills, and created a strategy that worked for him. 

While these tips won’t guarantee that you become a professional gambler overnight, they’re a good place to start. Like any other profession, it takes time, dedication, and hard work. But ultimately, when chasing after your passion, putting yourself in a good position for success is a necessity.