How To Look The Part At A Winter Horse Racing Festival

Europe and the UK are unique in their love for winter horse racing. Whilst the US holds its most prestigious races during the summer, the UK makes way for jumps racing during the colder months. This poses a slightly different challenge for fashionistas hoping to strut their stuff at a winter festival, it’s cold, really cold. If you’re hoping to dress to impress this winter then there are some fail-safe tips that you should take heed of, to ensure that you don’t just look amazing, but that you also have a great day out too. So without further ado, here’s how to look and feel the part at one of this winter’s horse racing festivals.

Confidence is Key

One of the things that we so often forget when choosing an outfit, is that we’ve got to feel confident to truly own it. That doesn’t mean just feeling confident in your outfit choice, it means feeling confident in yourself and your situation. If you’ve not been horse racing before then take a little time to familiarize yourself with how the day will work. Before the first race you might want to go and see horses in the pre-parade ring, take a little time to study any that are sweated up, or nervous, or those who look in particularly good shape. Once the horses get to the parade ring proper, it might be more difficult to see them, so you could miss these details. Next you might want to place your bets. You can always do this on course with the Tote or with a bookmaker, but often the best odds can be found online. The best betting sites for 2021 have been collated by, so that you can see who is offering competitive deals, great odds, or cash out options. Having access to all of this information means that you can confidently bet, knowing you’ve got most bang for your buck. Once your bets are placed, head down to the finish line, or up into the grandstands to, hopefully, cheer your horse home to victory. Knowing how to make your way around the course will enable you to feel cool, calm, and collected, meaning that you can focus on having a great time and looking effortlessly chic.

Your Coat is Everything

Browns and beiges are a more interesting choice for your coat than boring black

Now that you know how a day at the races works, it’s time to start to put your wardrobe for the day together. The first thing to remember is that if you’re outdoors in the UK between October and March, then the chances are, it’s going to be chilly. Therefore, your coat is of the upmost importance, as it will be the part of your outfit that everyone sees the most of. There are so many different types of coat that it can be tricky to decide which will work for you. If you’re staying for more than one day and need a coat to go with anything, then go for a neutral color that will go with everything, or a long coat that will cover any clashing colors whilst you’re wearing it and won’t matter when you’re not. Camel, nude and cream are all classic and elegant, whilst bold colors like red really make a statement. Although black and grey go with just about everything, they can be a little predictable, which isn’t what you want from the main statement of your outfit.

Accessorize to the Max

Often the best clothes to choose during the winter season are our accessories. Fantastic hats, oversized glasses and statement jewellery can all elevate a look that relies on a coat to a new level of glamor. Try a faux fur hat in a complementary color to your coat, or a sweeping shawl scarf, to wrap up against those chilly breezes. Long gloves in suede or leather can look particularly elegant too and you’ll be glad of them if the temperature drops. For day two of the festival, if you’ve indulged in a couple too many drinks, then a pair of statement sunglasses are a life-saver. You don’t have to splash out on the big brands to achieve that A-List look, simply opt for a classic shape without too much bling and nobody will be any the wiser.