How to Layer Silver Chains This Summer

The summertime is great for a lot of different reasons. Summer is a time for everything from vacation season to fun summer cookouts and hanging with friends and loved ones outdoors. Another thing that makes the summertime so incredible, is the ability to change up your style and try out new looks. While there’s a lot to be said for how wonderful winter wardrobes can be, there is an excitement to changing it up as the temperatures get warmer.

You put away your favorite sweaters and jackets but replace them with the sun hats, shorts, and light, breathable tops that have been hiding in storage for months. Another great way to switch things up in the summer is to use accessories like jewelry. In fact, one of the best accessories that can go with almost any outfit is a high-quality silver chain.

If you have been wanting to find fresh, exciting ways to style a silver chain this summer, here is everything you need to know.  

What Kind of Chains Can You Layer?

The first priority for styling a silver chain for your summer wardrobe comes down to what kind of silver chains you want to wear! Silver is an elegant, timeless precious metal that can go with almost any outfit and really brings a sense of subtle, beauty and quality to the table. It’s not as eye-catching as gold, but still has the same level of importance and effect. If you are someone who likes to aim for more tasteful, toned looks rather than loud, attention-grabbing styles, then a silver chain could be perfect for you. 

The Cuban Chain

Possibly one of the most popular chains on the market is the Cuban chain. Thes chains are a braided chain type that is sturdy, and looped. This is a style of chain that is worn by celebrities and is one of the most popular options for its simple, robust, yet powerful presence.

The Cuban-style chain becomes more pronounced in its form the larger that it gets. This is not a slender, thin chain style, but one that is linked and heavier. While it can come in various sizes, it’s large enough in form to work well on its own or to be layered with other thinner chains. 

Rope Chain

A rope chain is a much slimmer chain style and one that is great for a minimalist look. These links are crafted in a woven style that imitates the natural twist of a rope. Since these are more delicate, they tend to be slimmer in shape and size. When you are looking for a particular kind of chain to layer, a rope chain offers a chance to layer multiple chains in the same look thanks to their slim form factor.   

Tennis Chain

The tennis chain is a beautiful option to add some real glitz and glam to your style this upcoming summer. This particular kind of chain is composed of precious stones that are typically held together by a thin precious metal. A diamond-encrusted silver tennis chain will be sure to turn heads this upcoming summer. As an option, it’s definitely more on the attention-grabbing side, however, it can be worn on its own without layering to fulfill a more elegant, minimalist style.

Be True To Yourself

There are a lot of different kinds of chains that you can layer, and when it comes to choosing the right chain, you have to go with what you like. One of the most important factors in buying jewelry is to be true to yourself. Jewelry of any kind is an exciting opportunity to practice self-expression and show the world a part of who you are.

Choosing the right pieces for you is always going to be a challenge. While you do want to look good and be true to yourself, it’s not bad to care about how people will perceive you. However, you should always be true to what you enjoy and find attractive in a piece, and only invest in styles and pieces that you connect with. 


When it comes to layering your silver chains in the summer, the most important factor is to not overcomplicate it. A good rule of thumb is to start with the base chain and move out. If you want a more full, orchestrated, possibly messy look, then adding several thin-styled chains to a sturdy Cuban chain might be the best option. If you want a more minimalist and streamlined look, then stick to either one large chain, or two to three smaller chains.

Another factor that can change up your layer game, is adding in bars, or ornaments of some kind. A silver bar can help to bring accent and depth to layering silver chains. Ornaments designed to be added to necklaces like small compasses or crosses can also bring an element of diversity and depth to your layer game.