How to Dress Your Best: 8 Men’s Styles for Fall 2022

When it comes to using fashion as an enhancer of a man’s confidence, autumn is really the season where bringing your A-game is of the utmost importance. During the summer, a guy can get away with shorts and their favorite pair of sneakers. In the spring, you can rock whatever apparel will keep you dry during the April showers that bring May flowers.

Then during the winter, we are all bundled up in our warmest coats and boots with knit hats tugged down to our eyeballs. When the temperature is below freezing, no one pays too much attention to what anyone is wearing anyway.

This is the reason why autumn is a key time to upgrade your wardrobe, during a season when you can still get away with not wearing a coat if you have on enough layers. Also, the sky is less likely to dump cold rain, freezing snow, and sweat-inducing sun all over you.

If you are looking to figure out how to dress your best, get your hands on these eight men’s clothing styles for fall 2022 to look your best as the air gets crisper.

Cuban Chain

First things first, get your autumn 2022 style for men started correctly by centering it around a strong piece of jewelry, such as a Cuban link chain, to make a lasting first impression. It sets off a magnificent glow under an unzipped leather jacket.

Obviously, not all jewelry is created equal. Therefore, you should know what to look for in your ideal Cuban link piece, including: 18K gold & 316L stainless steel, water/heat/sweat-resistant, and hypoallergenic to prevent yourself from having green skin.

Cuban links come in a variety of precious metals, thicknesses, and lengths and can have medallions attached to make them even more personalized.

Having a cuban chain shining brilliantly over a regal sweater is the ideal way to satisfy the attention-seeker inside you this fall.


Sweater season begins in fall, and it is a classic fashion stable when the breeze starts pushing the leaves off of the trees. Sweaters are also a cozy canvas to showcase your brand-new Cuban link chain.

One reason why sweaters and necklace jewelry have such a handsome relation together is that, unlike shirts, sweaters don’t have collars and buttons to get in the way of your Cuban chain laying flat and properly visible on your chest.

But one area where sweaters and shirts are similar and are still beneficial to wear a Cuban chain and have it be seen is that sweaters can be either long-sleeved or with no sleeves. With sweater vests, this form of knitwear for men can be just the right mid-layer item that you can wear over a long-sleeved button-up shirt and still wear your link chain.


If you want a touch of more sophistication expressed when you wear your Cuban chain, turn towards turtlenecks to appear more studious, romantic, and suave. Turtlenecks look particularly good when they are under a plush jacket for an intimate date out with a significant other whose face you are trying to bring a smile to.

Varsity Jackets

For the grown gentleman out there that feels a burst of nostalgia when September rolls around and gets reminded of the good old high school, and college days, letterman and varsity-style jackets are a great prospect to capture those youthful memories in the present tense.

You can pair a varsity jacket with a casual sweater, a sports jersey, and of course, the illuminating shine of a Cuban link chain.

Bomber Jackets

As you ease your wardrobe into the autumn season, bomber jackets for men have a memorable military-inspired silhouette that emphasizes your upper body and blends well with Chelsea boots without laces and suede or leather moccasins. This brings a more athletic look that is balanced out with the prestige of jewelry when you are out having fun with your buddies.

Raw Denim

If you are looking for jeans that can be a big hit when they are mixed and matched with your other autumn apparel, you can’t go wrong with raw denim. This darker un-dyed denim has a sleek look that can be passed off as a cross between dress pants and casual jeans.

You can also think beyond just jeans and get yourself a raw denim jean jacket to help you embrace the autumn breeze.

Cargo Pants

Those cargo pants with the many side pockets that fell out of fashionable favor in previous years are making a comeback when it comes to male styles in autumn 2022.

Even though men have been spending much of the 2010s into the 2020s squeezing into skinny jeans, the trend in fashion is moving towards loosening up a bit with wide-leg pants and jeans.


Leather or suede loafers go together with the fall season, like turkey and Thanksgiving dinner. Keep a clean pair of loafers in neutral colors like brown or black to go with a wide array of your fall outfits.