How to Choose Leather Goods

When buying a leather product, we hope that it will wear for a long time and will look impeccably. And often when choosing we focus on the design, price, and recommendations of the manufacturer. However, if you know how to choose leather products so you will not buy a counterfeit or something that will not wear well, you will not be disappointed. olpr leather goods are of high quality and reasonable price, which is a perfect combination.

So, what are the criteria for choosing a leather item?

So, what are the criteria for choosing a leather item

1. Price

For a long time, it was believed that products made of genuine leather are very expensive and this was enough to choose a product. But over time, the development of technologies allowed the production of eco-leather goods that would cost a lot because of the acquired properties. So, these criteria are not enough. However, genuine leather goods do cost more.

2. Seams

A product made of genuine leather does not need seams at the edges. But very often the edges have to be folded to give softer outlines and make it look better. In such cases, the folds become thickened, which you will feel when touching them. With artificial leather, its edges are always bent so that the fabric base or several layers of material are not visible.

3. Elasticity

Natural leather does not stretch very much, but it stretches equally in different directions. Artificial leather can stretch well in one direction and practically does not change when stretched in the other direction due to the location of the fibers in the base of the material.

4. Heating and keeping warm

Heating and keeping warm

Natural leather heats up quickly enough from a simple touch and at the same time can retain heat for some time – put your hand and feel that the heat remains. The artificial leather stays cool.

5. Leather patterns

Natural leather is soft, and when bent, a pattern is formed, which immediately disappears after straightening. If you bend it for a long time, deep wrinkles appear in the same place. Artificial leather has traces of bending, which do not straighten quickly and form wrinkles over time.

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