How To Be Stylish With Crystals

Crystals have always been believed to possess healing properties. Rocks like selenite, amethyst, and quartz are known to attract positive vibes, calmness, and wellness. You may believe in their healing powers or not, but you’d agree that crystals have a captivating charm to anyone who sees them.

Not only do crystals make for beautiful jewelry pieces, but there are also far more stylish ways to wear, decorate, and use them. And what’s more, they’re usually inexpensive, which makes them quite an alluring addition to any outfit or home d├ęcor. You can easily find wholesale crystals online in various types, colors, shapes, and translucence. From there, you can come up with different creative ways to be stylish with crystals.

Wearing Your Crystals

Perhaps the most popular way to style crystals is by wearing them as jewelry pieces. Even celebrities are drawn to having gemstones in their outfits to enhance their look. Placing or holding crystals is considered effective if your goal is to boost spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness. But wearing them is an even better strategy since you can have your gem with you wherever you may go.

With their admirable versatility, spiritual crystals can be worn as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. If you’re creative enough, you can have them as brooches you can fashionably attach to your coat or top. Rose quartz, for example, is exquisite enough with its beautiful pale pink color that exudes love and feminism. Whether you’re dressing up for a date night with friends or a casual meet-cute with your beau, crystals can definitely elevate your style in more ways than one.

If you’re wondering how your crystals can be worn as jewelry pieces, here’s a quick guide you may want to take note of:


Accessorizing your wrist with crystals is a surefire way to complement your outfit of the day. If you have particular options or specific aspects of wellness you want to improve, you can choose your crystals based on that.

Quartz crystal, for instance, is known to be among the most powerful healing stones. This particular crystal can energize and purify the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of the body. It could also help in harmonizing emotions, consciousness, and thoughts.


The hands enable the body to do several tasks, from writing to holding things you need for your daily living. As such, the fingers are quite an essential aspect that can significantly benefit from the healing powers of crystals.

Rings adorned with crystals are more than just for aesthetic purposes. They can also boost the spiritual level of the fingers so energy can radiate better throughout the hands and the entire body. Your hands will look more elegant when there’s an extra sparkle from crystal rings. Certainly, they’re a striking accessory that’s not to be taken for granted easily.


Crystals also make for enticing necklace pendants. Imagine completing your outfit with a crystal-embellished neckpiece that’ll make every head turn wherever you go. These days, dramatic necklaces are worn to be a focal point of any look. There’s something about how an opulent necklace can make any simple ensemble look more polished and sparkling.

Crystals For Your Interior Space

If you feel wearing your crystals isn’t enough to show your connection to their excellent properties, you can always look for other ways to style them. One perfect example is to use gemstones in decorating your interior space. Whether for your home or workstation, there are more than enough ways to uniquely decorate using your crystals.

At home, you can encrust your lamp base with gemstones to give it an extra layer of glam and radiance. You can do the same with your pendant lights or chandelier for a more subtle yet elevating addition.

For the office, simply keeping your crystals on your desk can already encourage abundance and productivity. But if you’re looking for extra flair and style, you can turn it into a gleaming artwork by framing the gemstones. Not only will it make the boring wall look extra chic, but it’ll also protect your crystals, especially if you’re to put them inside a shadow box frame.

Crystals For The Win

It’s surprising to realize there are more than enough ways to be stylish with crystals. You can find inspiration from different resources, primarily online websites and stores. The charm and luxury that crystals exude are perfect for any look and attire you want to achieve. They’re perfect not just as jewelry pieces but also as accent pieces to your furniture.

Be unique, creative, and trendy with crystals. There’s no limit to how you can style them. The key is to be willing to mix and match, explore, and decorate as you please.