How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes for the Best Results

Adding false lashes to complete any makeup look will take it to the next level. Until recently, if you wanted to wear false lashes, it would require eyelash glue.

Eyelash glue is difficult to use and toxic when it gets in your eye. Unless you know what you are doing, trying to apply false lashes with adhesive is a headache you should try to avoid.

Now there is another option to using eyelash glue. The invention of magnetic eyeliner allows you to adhere to false lashes more easily. Magnetic eyeliner is a non-toxic alternative to traditional lash glue. Magnetic eyeliner is the same as a liquid liner except for the iron oxides’ ratio to make the liner magnetic.

Best Magnetic Lash for Each Eye Shapes

Your eye shape will impact which magnetic eyelashes will provide you with the best results.

There are six different eye shapes.

Upturned eyes will naturally appear larger. This eye shape is perfect for the cat-eye look. When selecting a magnetic eyelash for this shape, choose a longer lash on the outer edge.

Downturned eyes are an excellent fit for vintage make-up. Marilyn Monroe had downturned eyes. When you decide which magnetic eyelash you should be using with this eye shape, go for something more natural-looking.

Hooded eyes are also known as bedroom eyes because people with this eye shape can look sleepy. When choosing the best magnetic eyelash to complement this eye shape, you want a thin and wispy lash.

Almond eyes are considered the most desirable shape as it looks good with every lash. When deciding the best magnetic eyelash for this eye shape, anything goes.

Round eyes are also very versatile. The only thing to keep in mind is extremely long and thick magnetic eyelashes will make this eye shape appear smaller.

Monolid eyes are most commonly seen in people of Asian descent. This eye shape looks great with bright colors. When looking for the best magnetic eyelash for this eye shape, look for a lash with a cross design.

Tips for Application

The application of magnetic lashes is far easier than trying to apply traditional false lashes. Thankfully you no longer have to use lash glue to secure gorgeous lashes.

Gone are the days of getting lash glue in your eye and ruining your eye makeup. There is no need to fear applying false lashes with the use of magnetic liners and lashes.

When you start using a magnetic liner, you will notice it works the same as any other liquid eyeliner you have used in the past. You can replace your traditional eyeliner with magnetic eyeliner for everyday use.

Once you apply your liner, go ahead and finish the rest of your face. Applying your magnetic lashes will be the last step to complete your makeup look.

You should mist your face with your setting spray to seal all your makeup before applying your lashes. Once your face has dried, take the magnetic lash applicator, take a magnetic eyelash, and lay it on your lash line.

Now make sure the magnetic eyelash is aligned with your natural lash line. Repeat this process on your other eye. That is all there is to it.

There is a slight learning curve to apply the magnetic eyelashes. Once you have used them a few times, though, this process will be just as quick as putting on your shoes.

In closing, to get the best results from magnetic eyelashes, take the time to pick the proper lash for your eye shape. Make sure you put your lashes on at the end, and you will be ready to go. The number one secret to having the best results is to pick the lashes that make you feel the most confident, and you will look fierce every day.