How Forehead Reduction Surgery Is Done

Forehead reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure for improving the profile of the foreheads. The main problem of fat accumulation in this area is that it can make the forehead look larger. Improper skin tone, combined with fat deposits, can also make the forehead appear too broad. Fat accumulation in the forehead causes the forehead to look smaller than it is. A forehead that looks wider at an angle is called a “parabolic” forehead. If the fat is appropriately removed or reduced, the foreheads can be made to have a much more narrow profile.

Most plastic surgeons perform forehead lifts and neck liposuction. In the case of the forehead, the surgeon removes excess skin and fat. After the skin and fat are removed, filler (situacicular) fills up the space left by removing unwanted tissue and fat. This filler can be made from the patient’s fat or a type of fat obtained from another part of the body. This type of filler can be made into a nose, chin, cheek, or any other part of the face. Usually, a fat transfer will leave a natural and attractive effect after surgery.

Neck liposuction is performed under the chin. This operation removes fat and sometimes skin from the neck. After surgery, the remaining skin is stitched to the natural line of the face. A chin-tightness tightening device may be applied before the final surgery.

Forehead and neck lift surgeries can be performed jointly or independently. In a joint reconstruction procedure, the surgeon reconstructs the neck to no longer droop over the face. This will leave the patient with a much narrower face. If both procedures are done together, the face will look even more slender.

A neck-liposuction technique involves making incisions just below the chin. The surgeon then sculpts the tissue around the incision while removing the fat and skin with a small hand scope. This technique leaves minimal scarring on the face. Once the fat and skin are removed, the neck will appear straighter. The neck-liposuction surgery can also be done separately. This is done by slightly opening up the neck to allow easier access to the area needing repair.

A technique that produces a much more pleasing result than liposuction alone is a neck-lip splitting procedure. It is a non-surgical way to tighten the skin of the neck to smooth out the forehead crease. A plastic-rigid band is placed over each of the upper teeth and pulled downward toward the mouth. As the plastic-rigid band pulls down, the muscles beneath pull the teeth down and the wrinkles around the forehead disappear. Forehead reduction surgery combined with a good cosmetic routine and neck-lipsplitting can produce long-lasting results.