How do you maintain a luxury watch?

Usually, caring for a luxury wristwatch doesn’t take so much. Besides, if you care for your luxury watch, you can pass it down to generations. In addition, luxury wristwatches are designed to last. In other words, it is not difficult to maintain a luxury wristwatch. Read and learn simple tips to keep your timepiece safe.

Clean your watch

The first step to keeping your wristwatch safe and long-lasting is to clean it often. Use a clean cloth and wipe the surface. You can make the clean cloth damp a little but not wet. Don’t soak your watch in water for too long, even if it’s water-resistant. Not to mention, clean only the surface of the watch. However, if you want to clean the internal area of your wristwatch, reach out to a repairman.

Send it for regular maintenance

Classic or luxury watches barely get damaged if taken care of properly. Aside from cleaning the wristwatch regularly, you need to send it in for regular maintenance. Watches that often need regular maintenance are mechanical wristwatches. In addition, wristwatches that use batteries also need to be checked. Change the watch’s batteries every two years to keep it working optimally. Don’t let the battery die inside the wristwatch because any leakage will cause serious damage to the system.

Store properly

Keep your luxury wristwatch in a neat place whenever you take it off. Keeping the wristwatch face down will cause a lot of dent in it. It will scratch the crystal or beautiful surface if you keep the surface of the luxury wristwatch down. You can buy a box to keep your seiko mod timepiece. Also, if your box gets old, keeping the wristwatch in it may not be safe. As a matter of fact, opt for wristwatch boxes or cases that are water-resistant.

Keep off water

Don’t keep your wristwatch in water for too long, even though it is water-resistant. Water and any liquid are enemies to the longevity of your wristwatch. As stated earlier, don’t use a wet cloth to clean your timepiece. Make sure the cloth is damp, and squeeze out all the water before you start cleaning the wristwatch. Remember to take off your watch before you swim or carry out any activity that will wet your wristwatch.

Avoid direct sun exposure

Reduce so much exposure to the sun because it makes the straps fade or become worn out. Not to mention extreme heat also reduces the battery lifespan. Nevertheless, extreme heat may not negatively affect a mechanical wristwatch system. However, heat affects leather or rubber straps.


Remember to keep your wristwatch in a cool and dry place. Wristwatches also need protection and a good atmosphere to last long. But if your watch is not original, it will not last long whether or not you use these tips. Finally, contact WatchModCustom to get wristwatches you can pass on to the next generation. Luxury watches cost a fortune. Therefore, adequate maintenance is required.