Gym Wear Trends for 2021 – Here Is What to Expect

In 2020, going to the gym has been quite a problem. Many have had to adapt to working out at home.

For those who can still go to the gym, what you wear is still as important as ever. Gym wear trends for the next year will come from all directions and in different forms.

The following trends are sure to continue into the next year and maybe even longer:

Personalized Clothing

It used to be that you could print your name on a t-shirt or a hoodie with your name on it and it was cool. However, we have gone far beyond that and clothes are now more personalized than ever.

With more shopping being done online, more retailers will give customers more options to design the gym clothes they wear. People will obviously choose customized gym wear over generic ones hence the trend will most likely continue.

It is also better for people to have clothes that suit them perfectly especially if they designed the clothes themselves. It will give them the motivation to work out and make them look better while doing it.

Seamless Designs

Another trend we have seen in the past few years is the seamless design of gym wear. It is not only a fashion improvement but also a functional one.

Seams in workout clothes can present several problems. They make you itchy, they can grab on to hair, chafe your skin, and make clothes easy to tear while under stress.

It does not mean gym wear in 2021 will have absolutely no seams. They will be reduced meaning better functionality. Leggings are the best example in this regard.


The last thing people think of when they think of the gym is suits. However, there is a trend in gym wear that I am almost certain we will see continue into the next year and that is bodysuits.

Bodysuits are workout clothes that closely hug the body and consist of a singular piece. You can see gym bodysuit examples here. Bodysuits are becoming very popular especially for women because of the many benefits they offer.

Bodysuits stay in place hence you don’t have to adjust your clothing when you are in the gym which can ruin your workout. They also keep you very fresh when you work out because they have excellent sweat-wicking fabric. They are easy to clean as well.

More Wearable Technology

More Wearable Technology

Technology is soon going to be considered as part and parcel of our clothing. It is particularly so in the gym where you will see almost everyone with a smart gadget these days.

Wearable technology is a trend that is going to continue for the next few years at least. The benefits especially the health metrics they help measure will only increase in the future.

We may see smart clothes very soon with the research being done in the area. Technology and the gym will become even closer in 2021.

The gym wear trends we will see continue into 2021 are more wearable technology, seamless designs, bodysuits, and personalized clothing. Some may stay longer while some may be short-lived, we can only wait and find out.