Get that jazz on – find the perfect shoes

Right from the ’80s, from being the must-have shoe accessory, jazz shoes have been so in vogue and functionality for decades now, they have certainly come a long way. As there is so much advancement in the world of dance, this improvement is seen not only in the way they dance but also in what shoes they wear. Jazz shoes are different for different people, it all depends on the experience a person has, their age, their shoe fit, and much more.

In finding the perfect shoes for jazz, there are a lot of options. But for beginners, there needs to be a list to explain the basics of purchasing a pair of nice and sleek jazz shoes. This is the perfect guide to help new dancers find their new love.

A starter’s guide to buying good dance shoes

  • The material: During the dance practices, the feet can be subjected to a lot of heat and wear and tear, if the material of the shoes is not taken into consideration during the purchase of dance shoes. It is very crucial to choose shoes that are made of breathable material, for instance, leather is a particularly good choice of material, as it is not only breathable but also very form-fitting, once worn and broken into. It takes the form of the feet and hence sits better during dance performances.
  • The correct sole: The shoe sole is another important factor to consider while purchasing a pair of dance shoes. Most shoe soles are made of rubber, as they are comfortable and flexible. A dancer can certainly get their pirouettes and spins on point wearing these soles. Even in this, there are two main categories: a split sole or a flat heel rubber sole. Beginner dancers are found to use the small heel variation, as they might find comfort in it. The split sole on the other hand is preferred by the more advanced dancers.
  • The fit of shoes: Dancing Jazz is not easy; it takes lots of skill and precision to master the art, and in the process, the shoes undergo a lot of pain and strain. If the shoes are worn are not of the correct fit, if they are too big, it could potentially sprain ankles, and if they are too small, they can hurt the toes and heel. Either way, the dancers are risking an injury with ill-fit shoes. Leather shoes as discussed is the perfect material to make shoes that fit the feet perfectly.
  • Looks and aesthetic: It is an honest fact that people will certainly not buy shoes with all the above requirements if the shoe does not look good. Everybody’s style is unique, and there is a shoe for everyone. There are shoes with a strap or a buckle that adds a flair to them, while there are also shoes that have lace. Shoes can also be a simple slip-on or a lace-up style, and can be low rise as well! These shoes also come in various colours, black being the classiest of them all. Following black, silver shoes and deep navy colours too are very regal looking and will suit anyone and everyone.

Dance the worries away

In the end, no matter what shoes are chosen, it all leads up to the dance. The right shoes will automatically make the entire experience of dance more pleasurable and exciting. If the dancer is comfortable, they showcase their best side and dance away looking like a dream. They say this: beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but in this case, the beauty lies in the feet of the dancer, mesmerizing their audience!

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