Five Of The Best Spa Experiences In Dubai

Visiting a beauty spa centre in Dubai is an integral part of everyday life. Today, Dubai is a center of attraction for businesses and professionals who move to this city to work and live.

Despite the excellent infrastructure and the latest technologies used to ensure maximum comfort in the metropolis, the heat and large number of people are still tiring. Don’t also forget about stress, work, and other problems that lead to emotional instability. Therefore, we decided to remind you how crucial it is to relax and rest so that your body and brain feel good.

In this article, we will tell you about the top five spa experiences in Dubai that Armonia offers. You can book all treatments on their official website. By the way, this beauty spa centre is also available in Abu Dhabi.

Bamboo Massage

Regardless of whether you came to Dubai for a week or have been working here for several years, you should definitely try bamboo massage. This type of massage is considered one of the most effective for relaxation. Bamboo massage removes unnecessary muscle tension, mental fatigue, and stress. The main goal of this massage is to harmonize all processes in the body.

Bamboo massage has a beneficial effect on the skin, nervous system, and the functioning of internal organs. At Armonia Spa, professional massage therapists will help you achieve maximum relaxation and the effect of bamboo massage.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage by Armonia is 60 or 90 minutes of complete pleasure and relaxation. Aromatherapy massage is an amazing combination of traditional massage with aromatherapy based on the beneficial effects of natural essential oils on the human body.

Aromatherapy massage quickly and effectively restores physical strength, normalizes your psycho-emotional state, increases the body’s resistance to external and internal negative influences, and strengthens immunity.

You don’t even need to look for an aroma massage centre in Dubai. Armonia specialists have already proven themselves well and provide amazing aromatherapy massage.

Moroccan Bath

The Moroccan Bath or “Hammam” is a truly oriental ritual. At Armonia Spa, you can try the Moroccan bath with massage, which has a positive effect on all body systems.

By choosing the Moroccan bath with massage you not relieve stress only, but get a lot of other benefits. For example, the Moroccan bath:

  • perfectly cleanses, moisturizes, and tightens the skin;
  • removes waste and toxins accumulated in the body;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • helps improve immunity;
  • relieves fatigue and nervous tension and is a wonderful remedy for insomnia and depression.

Therefore, if you want to relax, the hammam will help you with this perfectly. However, it is better to consult a doctor in advance in case of contraindications.

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is a special type of massage that is not available in all beauty spa centres. Therefore, if you are in Dubai and are eager to try this kind of massage, then Armonia professionals are ready to offer you the best hot stone massage experience.

It is important to note that in stone therapy they use not just stones, but minerals that provide additional benefits. They warm perfectly, improve blood circulation in tissues, relieve inflammation, and have a powerful relaxing effect. You will feel better, improve your mood, and increase your performance just after one session of hot stone massage.

Salt & Oil Scrub

Armonia also provides oil inclusive massage to its wonderful clients. A vital element that keeps the body moist and fresh while doing a deep scrub is salt. The combination of oils along with salt is the greatest method for moisturizing the face and body. At Armonia Spa, you can choose from two of their most well-liked scrubs — “Argan Oil and Honey Scrub” or “Lime and Lemongrass Scrub”. This will make your skin beautiful and help get rid of the negative effects of sunlight.

Choose Armonia For Your Spa Experiences In Dubai

We told you about the top five beauty spa treatments at Armonia Spa — one of the best beauty spa centres in Dubai. By choosing a professional massage therapist, you trust an expert and are guaranteed to get the desired result.

Enjoy your life, and always try new spa experiences!

Moreover, be sure to consult your doctor for any contraindications before visiting any massage and spa centre.