Fashion And Cars: What Can Connect Them?

The fashion world does not stand still and is constantly changing. Famous fashion houses and designers set trends that influence people. In one season, skinny jeans may be in fashion, but in the next, all fashion followers will wear the most flared models.

We may surprise you, but fashion exists not only for clothes, shoes, accessories and interiors, but also in the automotive sector! For example, a dozen years ago, almost all motorists chose red, black or metallic vehicles. This was car fashion. These tones are a thing of the past; today we can choose from the richest and brightest shades. These include blue, light green, deep blue and many other colours.

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Eco-Friendly Cars

Nowadays, more and more people and industries are concerned about the environment. This is due to the fact that global trends and the rapid growth of the economies of different countries have negatively affected the state of the environment. For this reason, many fashion houses take a sustainable approach and choose long-lasting materials and fittings to reduce the burden on the environment.

The same trends are observed in the field of cars, including rental ones. Auto manufacturers and rental companies are shifting their focus toward cleaner engines. The popularity of electric vehicles has increased dramatically over the past few years and this trend continues to be relevant.


The connection between fashion and car design is not always so subtle. Cars have their own strategy and ideas. A car is an extension of a person’s aesthetic preferences, so it makes sense that over the years, car companies have collaborated with fashion brands in an attempt to create something special.

The trend of collaborations in the 2000s was started by the Italian designer Giorgio Armani. At the end of 2004 he introduced the Mercedes-Benz CLK convertible. Laconic lines and shapes, restrained colours and luxury from Armani are also embodied in the design of a unique convertible. The special exclusive and rare status of this car was confirmed by the certificate that was issued upon purchase. In total, one hundred of these cars were produced in the world.

An “H” appeared on the radiator grille and special wheels of the Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermes, which symbolises the first letter in the name of the French fashion house Hermes. Two cars were created in classic brown and orange tones, and two more were decorated in red, blue and graphite blue. Four Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermes cars were sold for about $2 million each.

Korea, represented by the automaker Hyundai, at one time also turned to the legendary Fashion House, and the result of this cooperation was the Genesis car. Hyundai Genesis Prada has entered mass production, but the number of models produced is very limited, no more than 1,200.

Not Only Cars

Another trend that is quite spread is when car manufacturers go beyond the automotive industry. Luxury car manufacturers often partner with other brands that produce expensive clothing, watches, jewellery and luxury goods. One of the striking examples is the Bentley company, which, in addition to luxury cars, offers clothing and accessories under its brand; the Italian Maserati also follows a similar fashion direction.

Ferrari produces watches, glasses, accessories, clothing and shoes, mainly in a sports style, under its brand; they also provide their logo for branding top models of computer equipment manufacturers. Another luxury brand owned by VW, Lamborghini, brands accessories and produces sportswear. British Aston Martin cooperates with several manufacturers of designer furniture, clothing, jewellery, radio equipment, and interior items.


The automotive world and the fashion universe intersect much more often than it seems at first glance. Fashion designers sometimes take part in the creation of special series of cars or concepts and often use beautiful cars as a backdrop to present their new collections. In turn, car advertising involves fashion models dressed in accordance with the trend. And there is no escape from mutual indirect influence. The cycles of automotive fashion, with its alternation of pomp and minimalism, simple or complex lines, are often reflected in the style of clothing, and vice versa.