Far Out and Super Cool Watches

Let’s face it. Watches are functional but unless you can afford a Rolex, chances are they are not very fashionable. Many find them to be boring. However, that does not have to be the case. If you are willing to spend a little bit of time, a little bit of effort and possibly a little more money, you can find a “far out” or “super cool” watch you will enjoy wearing.

Some men are only concerned about having a functional watch. They want to see what time it is so they are on time for appointments. They really do not care about how “cool” their watch looks. For others, however, having a “super cool” or “far out” watch is important because their chosen watch matches their personality. Even if they are not aware of it, buckling these awesome timepieces, they can’t help but feeling proud, confident, and ten times handsome than ever before! For those that do want a watch as unique as they are, this type of watch is available.

People in positions of authority may want to be a little more conservative with the type of watch they wear. However, that does not mean they cannot be a little adventuresome. A big face watch can be out of the ordinary enough to make you feel cool, but think of how you would feel if you wore a big face watch that also showed the internal workings of the watch, also called a skeleton watch. Sturhling watches have both of these features. A Swiss manufacturer makes them so you know they are well made and well worth what you pay for it.

Far Out and Super Cool Watches

Another manufacturer that makes cool watches is Nixon and Neff. Their watches are unique but some find them to be difficult to read. For men looking for something as unique as they are, a Nixon and Neff watch might be worth considering.

Smartwatches are also the “in” thing now in watch fashion. How would you like to combine your cell phone with your wristwatch? You can have it with the Tri-band Super Cool Mobile Phone Wrist Watch. Not only is it a fully functional mobile phone with built-in Bluetooth, but it also has a mobile phone with touch screen. You can also expect to find a digital camera feature built in. A similar watch to this is the Hammacher Schlemmer Touchscreen Cell Phone Watch. You will want to compare them to see which best fits your style and your budget.

The latest in the “cool watches” department are the ultra-geek models that look and perform unlike the conventional watches. Typically, they don’t have numbers or even hands; some have unusual shapes, structures and movements. These mostly “faceless” geeky watches may take an Einstein to figure out what the time is, but you can’t help but gawk at their sheer awesomeness, and maybe their very inscrutability

For example, there’s the “Abacus Series 2 Men’s Watch,” created by Kenmar Watches, which features a tiny metal ball that moves around and across the face of the clock, as a reaction of the wearer’s hand movements. Technabob’s “Storm Circuit Watch” features a pair of vertically-stacked LED segments that tell the wearer the current time. It definitely gives off a strong retro vibe! If you feel like the total nerd, you may probably dream of “The Matrix LI” men’s watch (from Dakota Company), whose LCD shows not hands, but bars, that correspond to the hours and minutes. “The Jean D’eve Sectora Automatic Watch” from (SwissTime) does have numbers of the hours as well as the hands, but they otherwise move in a vertical fashion — it’s like looking at your car’s meter when you see it upwards.

Unfortunately, it seems that most far out and super cool watches are on the higher end of the wristwatch spectrum. True, you can find quality cool watches that cost considerably less than the most expensive watches on the market, but many men will not want to spend a whole week’s salary to purchase a watch, no matter how cool it is. However, if super cool or far out is what you want, you might want to start saving.